Freshman Nate Jakobs pitches in the Cavs' 13-3 win over Trinity Prep, April 20.

As baseball team nears playoffs, 10-run win over Trinity Prep is big

Freshman Nate Jakobs pitches in the Cavs' 13-3 win over Trinity Prep, April 20.
Quin LaComb
Junior Zane Jakobs pitches in the Cavs’ 13-3 win over Trinity Prep, April 20.

Make the playoffs.

That’s the Cavs’ motto for the rest of the season.

That means every game matters and a loss can count them out of playoff contention.

According to freshman Nate Jakobs, the Cavs can’t drop many more games or they won’t be relevant in the playoff race, particularly because they have yet to face league favorite, Valley Christian Academy.

“It would be unrealistic to expect to beat them,” Jakobs said, “so we need to win all of our other games.”

And the Cavs are looking strong after their 13-3 away win over the Trinity Prep Crusaders on April 20.

The Cavs started off by taking a one-run lead in the first inning.

Then in the top of the third, the Crusaders strung together three runs.

But the boys did the exact opposite of back down. This is when the Cavs caught fire.

The Cavs strung together 10 runs, and the Crusaders’ once impressive two-run lead had disappeared in minutes.

It all started with a single to center field by junior Emil Erickson, followed by singles by Jakobs and senior Ben Felix.

By the time junior Zane Jakobs hit a triple, the Cavs had already taken the lead back.

They didn’t allow the Crusaders to score for the rest of the game.

This is exactly the kind of dominant play the Cavs need to make their playoff goals a reality.

But it isn’t as easy as it looks to put together 10 runs.

Zane said the hardest part about putting on an impressive hitting performance is the coordination.

“Everyone has to hit well in that inning,” Zane said. “It has to all be in a row.”

But with the Cavs’ inconsistent play, can they pull out another win when they face off against the Crusaders once again? Location and date are to be determined.

—By Jake Longoria

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