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Autumn Amplified: The Octagon’s fall playlist

Here are some songs to add to your fall playlist.

“Daddy Issues” by The Neighbourhood

“Daddy Issues” is a song released in 2015 by The Neighbourhood. It is part of their album “Wiped Out,” which is composed of 11 songs.

I think that most songs by The Neighbourhood could be placed in the Fall playlist rankings. The backbeats remind me of a sunny yet cold autumn day. The vocals are very calm, steady and relaxing; a song for an afternoon fall walk, chatting with friends while holding sweet apple cider mugs to keep the hands warm. It gives off very cozy vibes.

My favorite lyric would probably be “I tried to write your name in the rain” because throughout that short phrase is one of my favorite beat drops.

Rating: ★★★

“In My Room” by Chance Peña

Chance Peña is a new artist; in fact, most of his songs came out this year. “In My Room” caught my ear because the acoustics are incredible and his raw voice in the back. The song sounds amazing. However, unlike “Daddy Issues,” “In My Room” leaves me feeling broken-hearted.

This song is the one that I would play in the background on a sad afternoon. I imagine myself laying in bed on a gray, late November day as the rain taps on my window and cozy blankets cover my body from neck to toe.

Although I love the whole song and all of the lyrics, the ones I find most beautiful are: “I can’t move on from that and I don’t have the words.” These lyrics express the sadness this song evokes for me.

Rating: ★★★

“MR.OCTOBER” by Bad Bunny

In 2023, Bad Bunny released his album “Nadie Sabe Lo Que Va a Pasar Mañana”, which translates to “No One Knows What’s Going to Happen Tomorrow.”

One of the songs from the album is “MR.OCTOBER.” His voice has a very deep tone mixed with an upbeat beat. A piano sound in the background gives off a very fall vibe.

The lyrics talk about coming from nothing and building his way up to a money-filled life. My favorite lyric is “Y hacerme millo de nuevo / Mira como me muevo,” which translates to “And become a millionaire again / Watch how I move.” I love this lyric because it puts together the whole track.

Rating: ★★★

“C’est La Vie” by Mika

Mika released “C’est La Vie” this year. This track is dedicated to his mother, Joannie, who passed away in February 2021 after a long battle with brain cancer. Despite the sad origin, when first hearing the song it took me immediately to a fall night out, with cute jackets and warm boots.

My favorite lyric is “C’est quoi la mort/ Les vies d’avant?” This translates to “What’s death? / What are the lives before?” They remind me of the process of the leaves in the fall. They start a bright, vivid green, and continue to a beautiful orange, yellow or red, until eventually, they become brown and fall off. This happens every year; the cycle of life and death.

Rating: ★★★

By Elisenda Bota

Fall Playlist Reviewed
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