Photo by Daniel Holz

Underground Mini Golf in Old Sacramento provides immersive experience

Underground Mini Golf is a new wild-west-themed mini golf course in Old Sacramento. I am moderately versed in mini golf, having visited a few places before, but Underground was a completely different experience from all of them.

Upon entering Underground, I could tell that it would be a “wild” course. Intricately carved wooden stairs spiral down to the entrance of the course underground – certainly befitting its name.

Underground’s atmosphere was unlike any mini golf place that I’ve ever visited before, completely themed off of the Wild West era, with decorations and an intricate story to boot.

Underground Mini Golf is a mini history lesson for mini golf enthusiasts. It tells the story of a traveler moving across the United States from Independence, Missouri to Sacramento, California during the years of the Gold Rush. The journey spans 6 months, with the traveler encountering all sorts of terrain, weather and animals.

After learning about the story and receiving my putter and ball, I confidently entered through the saloon doors to begin the course.

Every wall was hand painted, detailing the Western journey of the traveler, spanning through many different rooms.

The course felt very immersive, with different props including cacti, boulders and strewn wagon pieces. One of my favorite obstacles was a large, life-sized cow that stood between me and the hole. I was able to pass it quite easily, but it was still a nice change in pace from the rest of the course.

The course then transitioned into a winter environment;  dusty wagon wheels and cacti transformed into pine trees and snow mounds.

Other scenery included Fort Knox, a river and waterwheel, TNT and dynamite-ridden caves and many more.

My favorite area was the casino. It  featured real cards and poker chips attached to the tables, adding seedy fun to the immersion.

Overall, each different scene and round of golf transitioned well into the next with each green having some sort of unique gimmick that contributed to the enjoyment greatly. The course itself was not too difficult, with obstacles thrown in here and there to add some variety. Most of the holes were par 3, with the occasional 2 or 4 par, taking only a few strokes to complete.

Definitely worth the $17 per person fee, especially on a first-time visit. It is also at its best with a group of friends or a date.

But it shines best as a one time experience, as I see how the art could get repetitive or boring after repeated visits.

Overall, Underground was a very enjoyable and unique mini golf experience, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone.

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