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SCDS enters 30th Run to Feed the Hungry

This Thanksgiving will mark Sacramento’s 30th annual Run to Feed the Hungry — a fundraiser and local tradition since 1994. Offering both 5K and 10K races, timed and untimed, the race is designed to include runners across all age groups and skill levels. 

The event is run by Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services, and aims to distribute food to the less fortunate. 

Junior Andrew Burr is a distance track athlete on Sacramento Country Day’s cross country team, but his involvement with this event precedes his athletic career. 

Ever since he was in pre-K, Burr took part in the fundraiser, and with over a decade of experience under his belt, he now leads the Country Day team. 

For Burr, the philanthropic aspect of the race is part of what makes it important.

“Going into the food bank and handing out food to people who are in need is just something that’s really special,” Burr said.

Nearly every year for a decade, Country Day’s running team held a streak for highest donor in Sacramento, but last year, that streak was broken. The title of first place was taken by Geocon Consultants, who raised $4,100, while Country Day fell short at $2,459.

 Burr has taken action this year to regain that title. 

“I think the competition from larger schools in recent years has definitely gotten a bit more intense. This year, we’ve been really focused on alumni and friends of people at Country Day; a big part of it is just getting the word out,” Burr said.

In hopes of gaining new donors who may not be aware of the fundraiser and its mission, Burr is increasing awareness about the event.

“I’m sure there are tons of people who would love to participate and raise money, but if they don’t know that it’s happening, then that’s not going to not going to help us very much,” he said.

Burr tackled these issues using a few different methods. 

“We started sending out emails about Run to Feed the Hungry on the Tuesday email each week, and we also started talking about it a week or two earlier, which should help,” Burr said. 

He also emphasized that the race is designed to include a diverse group of participants. 

“You have no pressure on yourself, or competing with other people,” Burr said.

Starting on J Street, the race course winds through East Sacramento, and loops back to the starting point. Both courses cover similar terrain, and the only noteworthy difference is the distance.

Michelle Myers, Physical Education Department Chair, is the co-Adviser for Run to Feed the Hungry at Country Day. 

Along with Head of High School Brooke Wells, Myers supports Burr by helping him with event-related due dates and guidelines. Her role also entails recruiting younger students to take up higher leadership positions, so that they can take Burr’s place when he graduates.

Overall, the advisors try to keep a light touch when facilitating the Country Day team, and let Burr manage.

“Andrew has done it since he was in middle school, so Mr. Wells and I very rarely have to do anything. I think I sent one email this year. He and his mom have it down,” Myers said. 

For those who are considering taking part in the race, Burr’s message is simple: 

“If you’re trying to do anything charitable, and also help the school out at the same time, this is the perfect opportunity,” Burr said.

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