About The Octagon

The Octagon is the high school newspaper of Sacramento Country Day. The print edition is published eight times a year. The website, which includes exclusive online content, is updated daily. Its purpose is to provide a reliable source of information on events concerning the high school and to focus on topics of significance and general interest in order to inform and entertain the entire school community. The staff strives for accuracy and freedom from bias in its stories. Significant errors will be noted and corrected.

The Octagon shall publish material that the staff deems in the best interest of the school community. The staff recognizes the importance of the readership’s having accurate and reliable information in order to be well informed and on which to base decisions and opinions. The Octagon will publish all timely and relevant news, subject to the following exceptions: obscenity; slanderous or libelous material; material contrary to the best interests of the school community, as judged by the newspaper staff and adviser.

Editorials shall be approved by the entire staff. Columns and commentaries shall be clearly labeled as such and represent the opinion of the author only.

In the interest of representing all points of view, letters to the editor shall be published, space permitting, unless otherwise requested by the author. All letters must be signed and conform to the above restrictions on published material. The staff retains the right to make changes in grammar and punctuation and to abridge letters for space considerations.

Respectful comments on stories are encouraged. All comments are moderated by the online editors-in-chief and the adviser. Remarks containing profanity or directly attacking the writer are not accepted. To make a comment, a valid name and email address are required for confirmation, but the email address will not be displayed on the site.

Changes to stories that have been significantly edited for factual clarity will be noted at the bottom of said stories.

Inquiries regarding advertising in the print and online editions should be directed to Saheb Gulati (sgulati25@scdsstudent.org), the business manager.

Sacramento Country Day School is located at 2636 Latham Drive, Sacramento, California 95864. The phone number is 916-481-8811.

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