Members of the orchestra, freshman Ryan Xu and sophomore Rachel Pirie, perform music during the club fair on Sept. 17. (Photo by Arijit Trivedi)

High school orchestra, choir, drama to perform after school on Nov. 3

The high school orchestra, choir and drama group will be performing in the lower school plaza after school, starting at 3:45 p.m.

The orchestra will play first, combining with the middle school orchestra on three songs. The choir and drama will perform after the orchestra.

The orchestra will play the following songs:

  • “Waltz”
  • “Simple Gifts”
  • “Spring”
  • “Brandenburg Concert No. 5”
  • “Amadeus!”
  • “Conquistador”

The choir will perform four songs:

  • “Simple Gifts”
  • “City of Stars”
  • “Firefly”
  • “We Can Dream”

Finally, drama will perform “This Is a Test,” a comedy by Stephen Gregg. The performance will last around 30 minutes.

— By Arijit Trivedi

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