Track and field members’ poor attendance leaves sophomore riding solo for some meets

Due to a delay in the publishing of the track and field team’s scores for their recent meets, the Octagon was not able to release the results until now.

Sophomore Heidi Johnson went alone to the Jesuit Easter Invitational, held at Jesuit High School on April 11.

“The meet was my last chance to qualify for the Sacramento Meet of Champions,” Johnson said.

“So I decided to attend the meet during (the school day at) lunch, but it didn’t work out well.”

By the time Johnson arrived, the Jesuit Invitational had already begun the high jump, meaning Johnson couldn’t complete any runthroughs or get her mark (her lane or spot).

Johnson said her varsity long and high jump both had disappointing results.

She finished the high jump at 4 feet six inches and placed eighth of 15, and the long jump at 14 feet 10 inches, placing ninth of 20.

“I think both not being able to do runthroughs during warmups and rushing to the meet from school affected my jumps,” Johnson said.

“I landed far behind the board and fell short by a few feet of my furthest marks.”

But another runner joined Johnson in the Thunder Invitational, held at Rocklin High School, on April 8.

Sophomore Grace Naify ran the 100-meter freshman/sophomore race.  Naify finished at 15 seconds, placing 26th of 30 athletes.

She also ran the 200-meter freshman/sophomore race, finishing at 31.79 seconds and placing 21st of 23.

Naify said her greatest challenge was getting a good start on her shorter races.

“This is my first year using blocks,” Naify said, “And I learned to use (them) about a minute before I ran in my first meet of the year.

“I keep missing practices during which we work on using blocks, too.”

Naify said she either did very well or very badly in her races, with no middle ground.

In the Thunder Invitational, Johnson ran the 200-meter varsity race and placed ninth of 24. She finished at 29.36 seconds.

She also jumped 4 feet 10 inches in the varsity high jump, placing fourth of 10.

Only Johnson qualified to compete in the Stanford Invitational, held at Stanford University, on April 1.

Johnson jumped the varsity triple jump. She finished at 34 feet 4 inches, a season record, and placed 20th of 24 athletes.

The team did not attend the scheduled Lancer Invitational on March 18 or the Colfax Invitational on March 31.

Check back for the results of the meet at Whitney High School on April 28.

By Héloïse Schep

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