MUSICAL MUSINGS: ‘Tis the season for holiday tunes

I recently took a trip to Costco and was surprised to see that ornamental Santas were already decorating the aisles.

However, my shock soon gave way to cheerfulness, as one of my favorite parts of the winter season is listening to Christmas music.

Perhaps it’s the familiarity of the music that makes it so enjoyable—I’ve been listening to holiday music for as long as I can remember.

One of the great things about Christmas music is it never changes. Sure, there are different adaptations or arrangements, but it’s all basically the same melodies.

The “Jingle Bells” songs I will listen to this December are the same as the ones I listened to years ago.

Christmas music has a way of bringing back all those warm, fuzzy memories from childhood: hot chocolate by the fireplace, sneaking downstairs to unwrap/rewrap presents and waiting for Santa Claus to appear.

I can’t imagine winter without some “Silent Night” or “Feliz Navidad” playing in the background.

Nonetheless, my tastes in Christmas music have evolved over the years. I’ve gone through the Justin Bieber (“Mistletoe” and “Fa La La”) and the Michael Buble (“Silent Night”) phases. Now I’m in the classical phase (Handel’s Messiah and such).

But, honestly, the best part of Christmas music isn’t the actual songs. Instead, it’s that nostalgic feeling that comes with singing along to “White Christmas” in the mall.

Why wait until after Thanksgiving to get that feeling?


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