MUSICAL MUSINGS: Prom music should be more than endless heavy-beat rap

I’ve always hated going to dances—they’re hot, tiring, and abnormally loud.

Also, they all seem to come with romanticized expectations of newfound love and happiness. I mean, just look at the countless films that feature heartfelt and perfect prom scenes (“Twilight,” “Footloose,” “Pretty in Pink” and “Mean Girls”).

While these movies are great distractions on a lonely Valentine’s Day, they ensure that prom is almost always a disappointment. (Let’s face it, I don’t have a Ducky or Blane in my life.)

Thus, it was with a heavy heart that I stepped onto the dance floor last Saturday after having arrived (fashionably) late to the prom.

I knew the rest of the night was going to be hard when I heard the song playing: it was rap with a heavy bass, the kind of thing I would never listen to anywhere besides a dance.

Nevertheless, I got on the dancefloor and started swaying to the beat. But as the rest of the room started mouthing the lyrics, I was left with glazed eyes.

Eventually, I gave up on trying to guess what the rapper was alluding to and let my thoughts wander to other songs that I wished the DJ would play.

While I realize that rap is one of the predominant forms of pop music, I wish it weren’t played so often at the prom. I would much prefer to dance to something with an actual melody.

I’m not picky about the melody, either; I just don’t want to listen to someone talking really fast for hours on end.

I even think jazz (ugh) would have been a better option (the theme was Great Gatsby after all), especially considering the swing-dancing potential.

I’m not saying rap shouldn’t be played at all. Obviously there are people who really like it—I even like some myself—but why play it the whole time?

Why not try something that’s a little less well-known, DJ’s? Maybe Lana Del Rey or Keane?

Both would be great options that are easy to dance to and relatively popular.

And at least I would be able to leave the dance without residual pounding in my head!

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