Junior defender Arijit Trivedi steals the ball from a Western Sierra player and dribbles away. (Photo by Nihal Gulati)

Country Day soccer sweeps Western Sierra 5-0

The Cavs won 5-0 against Western Sierra on April 20, scoring all their goals in the first half of the game.

Junior Arjin Claire scored two goals, with one in the first 60 seconds of the match.

“It was really an awesome feeling to score that goal so early in the game. It boosted the whole team’s moral for the rest of the game, and really got us off on the right foot,” Claire said.

Sophomores Felix Wu, RJ Vargo and Rod Azghadi scored the other three goals.

Wu credited the 5-0 score with the team’s quick decisions and good passing.

“We worked really well together as a team, which really paid off. Our passing was especially good this game which helped enable more open players to score,” Wu said.

Coach Matt Vargo was happy with the team’s performance and improvement. 

“The first half of this game was the best half of soccer this team has played in over two years. Everyone on the team put in a lot of effort, and a lot of teamwork,” Matt Vargo said.

Claire has high hopes for next season.

“This game really showed how much potential the team really has, and next year, when there are playoffs, I think we are going to do very well,” Claire said.

Junior defender Miles Morrow and sophomore defender Adam Akins face off a Western Sierra player during a free kick. (Photo by Nihal Gulati)

— By Dylan Margolis

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