Junior Jackson Crawford goes for a floater during the fourth quarter of the game. (Photo by Jacqueline Chao)

Boys basketball team loses preseason opener

Date: Nov. 27

Opponent: Aspire Alexander Twilight Secondary Academy

Location: Home

Result: Country Day lost 43-39 to fall to 0-1.

Inside info from junior Ted Zhou: “I think we did pretty well (during) the first half. We scored and had good energy. But (during) the second half everyone got sloppy, myself included.

“We didn’t get rebounds, we were making turnovers, and we couldn’t (complete) layups. We had a nine-point lead, and they made two three-pointers. After that, we just couldn’t get back.

“It’s just the first game, (so everybody) is out of shape. We need to work on running, and (the players) are nervous.

“Last year, there were 14 (players), so everyone wasn’t getting playing time. (However), there are only seven guys on the team (this year), so everybody gets playing time. Now, every (player) has a responsibility to step up.”

Coach David Ancrum’s comment: “We can improve (on conditioning), rebounding and making our layups. In between the next three or four games, we’ll (definitely see) some improvement in the (players). This is only the first game.”

Next game: Nov. 30 at Hiram Johnson at 6 p.m.

—By Arijit Trivedi

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