Senior Yasmin

Girls mauled by Lions in difficult game

Despite finishing with a full team, the girls’ basketball team was badly mauled by the Valley Christian Academy Lions on Jan. 23.

The game was back and forth for the entire first quarter, with neither team gaining a lead greater than four points.

With two minutes left in the second quarter, the score was 17-20. By the time the buzzer sounded for halftime, it was 21-35.

Jacqueline Chao
Senior Yasmin Gupta rushes down the court during the last 18 seconds of the third quarter.

“For the last two minutes of second quarter, we weren’t able to stop them,” senior Yasmin Gupta said. “(And) we weren’t able to score, so it put us in a tough position.”

Gupta finished with a game high of 22 points.

“We were forcing too many passes, which allowed (the Lions) to get fast breaks,” said senior Katia Dahmani. “Not many shots were falling, which made it easier for them to have a fast break and get two points.”

The Lions capitalized on the Cavs’ turnovers, gradually extending their lead to 24 points by the end of the third quarter.

“Once they (extended) their lead, we seemed to panic and rush on offense or force shots,” junior Heidi Johnson said. “We also didn’t do a good job of (securing) the ball on rebounds and passes.”

As the fourth quarter progressed, the Lions maintained their lead, and the Cavs were never able to rally, eventually losing 38-67.

“We kind of gave up at the end,” Gupta said. “Once we got to the fourth, we realized it would (be hard to come back).”

Despite the large loss, the Cavs saw positives in their play.

“We were effectively breaking their press most of the time,” Johnson said. “We (just) needed to wait for a good (shot).”

Their next game is Saturday, Jan. 27, against the Lions at 6 p.m. at Valley Christian.

By Bryce Longoria

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