Juniors Lia Kaufman (#9) and Jack Christian (#4) keep off a waves of Sacramento Waldorf opponents on Dec. 11.

Wacky weather, tough defense prove difficult in match-up with John Adams Academy

Jacqueline Chao
Juniors Lia Kaufman (#9) and Jack Christian (#4) keep off a wave of Sacramento Waldorf opponents on Dec. 11.

The coed soccer team tied 0-0 with John Adams Academy in a home game on Jan. 18.

John Adams had a very good defense, co-coach Matt Vargo said, but the Cavs’ defense “really stepped it up.”

Junior Michaela Chen agreed with Vargo but said the team’s offense has also grown much stronger with more dribbling and more shots.

However, Chen said the team suffered from a lack of communication.

“Going into a game, we’re all pretty nervous, and when nothing improves, the communication (decreases) and people stop speaking,” Chen said.

“(It) creates even more confusion. We’re getting better and better, though.”

Some stand-out players, Vargo said, were freshman Erin Wilson, sophomore Sandor Pelle and junior Abby LaComb because they created opportunities for the team to score.

Like Chen and Vargo, Pelle, who played during only the first half of the game, said that getting the ball from John Adams was his greatest challenge.

“We struggled getting changes to make goals,” he said.

The muddy fields caused by earlier rain also hindered him, he said.

Vargo also applauded senior Theo Kaufman for playing well despite a muscle strain.

“(We) played tough for the entire game. In the end, both teams didn’t deserve to lose,” Vargo said.  

—By Héloïse Schep

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