Sports Boosters open Fitness Rangers’ physical conditioning, training program

Allison Zhang
Middle- and high-school students listen to Fitness Ranger employee Conor Giguiere after the first morning training session.

“Great job today, ladies!” Conor Giguiere says to a group of middle-school girls as they leave the gym at 7:50 a.m. to go change.

No, this isn’t a new coach holding an early basketball practice. This is the new physical conditioning and training program, which started on April 12.

The eight-week program, which is paid for by the Sports Boosters, is open to both middle- and high-school students and will be held in the gym on Mondays from 3:45-4:45 p.m. and Wednesdays from 6:50-7:50 a.m.

According to athletic director Matt Vargo, the Sports Boosters came up with the idea after several athletes expressed a desire to train with professionals.

Vargo said he plans to do 10 training sessions as a trial and see where it goes from there.

Adam Attia, who attended Country Day in middle school from 1993-1995, organized the program. He is the owner of Fitness Rangers, a gym with boot-camp classes each day as well as on-site personal training, barre, boxing and kickboxing.

According to its website, Fitness Rangers “encourages and empowers recruits of all levels in a welcoming group setting to achieve their best possible results.”

Giguiere and Bobby Best, two trainers at Fitness Rangers, will be holding the sessions.

“(The sessions will focus on) developing strength, flexibility, coordination, speed and balance,” Giguiere said.

“It will help the kids become dominant and more effective sport players.”

Junior Yasmin Gupta, who plans on attending the sessions, has also participated in CrossFit classes before. She said she wants to do this program to get in shape for the basketball season and to get toned.

Junior Katia Dahmani also hopes to go to sessions. When she did club volleyball, she trained at Pure Athletics.

“That program was really hard because I would have my volleyball practice a couple days, then that conditioning thing the next day, and it was just really exhausting,” Dahmani said.

But because she stopped the Pure Athletics program, Dahmani said she wants to take the new conditioning program to get more fit.

By Allison Zhang

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