Q&A: Grant Lyon, ’02, headlines at Punch Line Sacramento while on comedy tour

(Photo used by permission of Lyon)
Grant Lyon, ’02, performs at Punch Line Sacramento.

Grant Lyon, ‘02, (son of Sandy Lyon, head of the middle school) is an actor and stand-up comedian. He has appeared in ads for Cici’s Pizza, AT&T and Johnsonville Sausages and does stand-up comedy tours around the country. Lyon performed as a headliner at the Punch Line Sacramento, a comedy bar, on April 2.

Q: When did you become interested in stand-up comedy?

A: During my freshman year at UC Santa Cruz, my roommate played some stand-up comedy albums for me, and (they) blew my mind. I listened to those albums over and over and memorized all the jokes.

Then I started reciting those jokes for my friends at parties. Many people told me that I should try writing my own jokes, so I tried it a year later. I loved it so much that I never stopped.

Q: How would you describe your comedic style?

A: Intellectually silly. I want my style to be the perfect combination of smart and goofy.

With every new joke or topic, I start by joking about my personal connection to that topic and then expand the joke to include a comment on society or human beings in general.

Q: How long have you been performing as a comedian?

A: Twelve years.  

Q: Is this your first tour?

A: No, I’ve been touring regularly for about six years now. I’m not even sure how many tours came before this one!

Q: Where else have you gone on your “Grant Lyon: We’re a Fun Time” tour?

A: I’ve gone all over the West Coast with stops in San Francisco, Chico, Portland, Coeur d’Alene and Salem.

Q: What is your favorite place to perform?

A: I started my career performing in San Francisco, so it still has a special place in my heart. The audiences there are very smart and hip.

I also love performing in Seattle.  When I was new to comedy, I used to travel up to Seattle and sleep on other comedians’ couches for a week to perform for free. It became my second home.

(Photo used by permission of Lyon)
Grant Lyon, ’02, jokes around while performing at Punch Line Sacramento.

Q: Were there a lot of SCDS alumni at your recent performance in Sacramento? Did your family attend?

A: There were a bunch of SCDS alumni at the show! Some SCDS faculty members were also there, as well as former staff members. About half of the people who attended were affiliated with Country Day. It was amazing, and I appreciated it so much!

I also saw many people that I went to Country Day with. I hadn’t seen some of them since high school, so that was really fun.

Q: Did you tell any jokes about Country Day?

A: No, because there also were some people not affiliated with Country Day in the crowd as well. I have performed multiple shows for Country Day in the past, though, so I do have jokes about it.

Q: What is your favorite part about going on tour? Your least favorite?

A: My favorite part is getting to see awesome places and meet new people. I’ve performed in 44 states, so I’ve seen a lot of the country. I love experiencing new things and living a life of adventure.

My least favorite part is that constant travel can wear you out and get tiring after a while. Sometimes I just need a few nights in my own bed.

Q: Where will you be touring next?

A: I’m doing a tour through the Midwest right now! I’m performing in Fargo, North Dakota; Sioux Falls, South Dakota; Sioux City, Iowa; Lincoln, Nebraska; and Minneapolis, Minnesota.

—By Héloïse Schep

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