Girls’ JV basketball becomes more aggressive, but discomfort with ball handling leads to defeat from Natomas

Kevin Huang
Sophomore Emily Hayes dribbles away from a Natomas player who attempts to stop her traveling.

With a slow start in the first half, the JV girls’ basketball team finished the game against Natomas High School with a loss, 15-58, and an injured player.

Sophomore Bella Mathisen hyperextended her knee while she was guarding a player and fell as the player attempted to dribble past her during the second half. However, she said she should be able to play in the next game.

Sophomore Chloé Collinwood said the team had a slow start in the first half because of nerves.

“(In) the first half, we were a bit panicked and let (the opposing team) through, so they just kept scoring,” Collinwood said.

“But in the second half, we weren’t afraid to make contact with them, and (we) fought back more.”

Sophomore Emily Hayes agreed with Collinwood, but said the team could be even more aggressive in their upcoming games.

Kevin Huang
Sophomore Chloé Collinwood keeps the ball low and out of the reach of a Natomas player.

“(We need to improve on) our spacing and passes,” said Hayes.

“We need to learn how to do everything with purpose and energy.”

The team did improve on their defense and, according to Collinwood, felt more comfortable handling the ball.

Their next game is against Delta High School on Wednesday, Dec. 7, at home at 4:30 p.m.

By Emma Boersma

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