Girls’ soccer crushes John Adams Academy

“I want you to kick that ball so hard that it catches fire in the air,” said Trevor Berner, girls’ soccer coach for John Adams Academy, during pre-game warm-up.

Despite Berner’s wish, the Patriots never got a chance to score in the match, which SCDS won 8-0, on April 10.

“Our team just keeps improving,” said freshman Lea Gorny.

Before the game, SCDS coach George Champayne said the Cavs could use a good game after Spring Break.

“We’re a little behind, and some players haven’t shown up for practice from spring break,” Champayne said. “But I feel pretty good about the game. John Adams is not that strong of a school.”

As the teams warmed up, about a dozen spectators trickled in, but only a handful were SCDS supporters. Later in the game a larger crowd arrived to root for the girls.

The game began promptly at 4 p.m., and the Cavs started with possession of the ball. The majority of the game was played on the Patriots’ defensive side.

Within the first three minutes, sophomore Natalie Brown, scored the first goal. Later, freshman Evann Rudek came bounding back, after tripping on a Patriot player, by scoring a goal.

Towards the end of the first half, Brown kicked the ball into the stomach of front row player  no. 20, which made the crowd recoil.  No. 20 went on to play for the rest of the game, and Brown scored another goal.

Not surprisingly, the Cavs’ halftime huddle was much more spirited and loud than the Patriots’.

At halftime, sophomore Alexa Mathisen switched being goalie with sophomore Isabelle Leavy.

Sophomores Elizabeth Brownridge, Kaeleigh Valverede and Shriya Nadgauda scored within minutes of each other at the beginning of the second half.

Offsides was only called once, on sophomore Catherine Ryan.

The Patriots’ goalie blocked many of the attempts made on the goal by flinging herself in front of shots  and catching punts in mid-air, causing the crowd to stand up and cheer every time.

Nadagauda scored again for the final point.

This was the Patriots’ third game of their season. They had 11 players (and no substitutes) compared to the Cavs’ 16.

Freshman Annya Dahmani, who broke her collarbone during a game against Cristo Rey in March,  sat on the sidelines.

“People who don’t usually make goals did today, and there were many good offensive passes,” Dahmani said. “Everyone seemed really energetic and happy to play. It kind of made me sad because I miss playing, but I’m happy that they’re doing well.”

Dahmani will wear a sling for about another month, but will keep track of who scored and how many assists the team has for the rest of the season.

Sophomores Avneet Bhullar and Maryjane Garcia and juniors Elinor Hilton, Jenny Kerbs, America Lopez and Julia Owaidat did not attend the match because of a Glass Knife meeting and rehearsal for the play.

The next game will be at Elm St. Field against Buckingham Charter at 4 p.m. on Tuesday, April 14.

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