COLLEGE MATTERS: Community college should get more respect

Before any test, all of us cluster in the library or in front of a classroom, desperately trying to cram those last few facts in our heads or figure out the answer to that one question.

Although last night it seemed as if writing the proof for the derivative of sine was not going to be on the test, now, panicking I am certain it will be on my math test.

One of us, normally Emma Williams, is bound to say that we are going to fail the test.

And the response is always a sarcastic, “Well, I guess you’re headed straight for American River College then.”

Everyone chuckles or rolls their eyes at this. I mean come on, we can all do better than community college.

Within Country Day, the students collectively look down on community college, primarily because community college is easy to get into.

In reality, it’s a valid option, and may make the most sense. To begin with, everyone is aware of how incredibly expensive college has become.

Therefore for some, community college is the only economically feasible way to attend college.

In addition, community college is not filled with only people of lesser intelligence, as we seem to imply with our jokes.

I was at coffee a couple days with a friend who chose to attend community college. No, it wasn’t her only option. But she wasn’t too keen on attending the other colleges she had been accepted to, so she decided to save her parents some money and attend community college for a few years.

Hearing about her experience there and the people she interacted with, I quickly realized that she had plenty of intelligent classmates.

And after finishing her two years, she was able to get into a couple UC’s where she hadn’t been accepted before.

It’s okay to joke. But what we seem to do sometimes with our jokes is push people away from considering community college.

As is the case with every college, it’s not going to work for some people. However, for others it makes a lot of sense. And we shouldn’t be so quick to judge.

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