Senior Vanessa Escobar laughs as the seniors share their favorite memories from lower school. (Photo by Arijit Trivedi)

Students participate in games, seniors reminisce at orientation

After more than a year online, Country Day students started the new school year off in a familiar way: senior sunrise, short 15-minute class meetings and an hour of games around campus.

Students were split up into two teams, divided up by their class grades. Freshmen and seniors formed the black team, and sophomores and juniors made up the red team. The two teams were split into smaller teams of black and red, which rotated games and competed against each other for wins. The red team won the competition, 19-14, as announced by the student council on Sept. 1.

Games included an egg walk, scooter race, bucket fill, water balloon toss, musical chairs and cornhole.

Seniors began the day early with senior sunrise — the new graduating class was treated to breakfast and a sunrise at 6:30 a.m. They then walked through the Country Day campus, lower to high school, saying their favorite memories from each grade.


Seniors Sanjana Anand and Daisy Zhou quickly embrace after not seeing each since the pandemic started. (Photo by Arijit Trivedi)


Senior Zola Grey shares a memory she has from lower school during Senior Sunrise. Seniors walked through the school campus and reminisced about their time here. (Photo by Arijit Trivedi)


Senior Clara Reynen shares a story from when she first came to the high school as Head of High School Brooke Wells listens in. (Photo by Arijit Trivedi)


Senior Dylan Margolis laughs while listening to a classmate’s memory about middle school. Margolis has attended Country Day since pre-K. (Photo by Arijit Trivedi)


High school students gather in the high school quad at the beginning of orientation to listen to important announcements and meet teachers. (Photo by Saheb Gulati)


Juniors Jonah Angelo-David and Ibrahim MoheyEldin walk to their class during orientation. (Photo by Arijit Trivedi)


Senior Sanjana Anand announces her team’s next game during orientation games. Anand was a team captain of the black team. (Photo by Arijit Trivedi)

Senior Ethan Monasa grabs a pack of utensils. (Photo by Arijit Trivedi)

Senior Ethan Monasa grabs a pack of utensils. (Photo by Arijit Trivedi)


Sophomore Tanish Shenoy eyes a sandwich in the orientation lunch spread. The lunch was set up by the Parents Association. (Photo by Arijit Trivedi)


Freshman Alex Zinn throws a bean bag during the cornhole competition. (Photo by Arijit Trivedi)


Freshman Ryan Pirie takes a cup from senior Kali Wells. Pirie’s team was getting ready to compete in the bucket fill race. (Photo by Arijit Trivedi)


Sophomore Imani Cochran receives water from her teammate during the bucket fill race. Cochran was competing for the red team against the black team. (Photo by Kali Wells)


Teams from the black (right) and red team (left) compete in the bucket fill race. (Photo by Kali Wells)


Senior Vivian Conner and junior Aaron Monasa race in the egg walk competition. Conner’s team won the race. (Photo by Arijit Trivedi)


Junior Jacob Chand poses for a photo after a brief water balloon fight during the water balloon toss competition. (Photo by Arijit Trivedi)


Senior Angela McCurdy and sophomore Tanish Shenoy battle for a chiar during musical chairs. McCurdy won her team the musical chairs event. (Photo by Arijit Trivedi)

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