Breakthrough Sacramento chooses alum parent with fundraising savvy as new executive director

(Photo used by permission of Faith Galati)
Alumni parent Faith Galati(left) and former Breakthrough executive director Laura Monahan at a Breakthrough reunion at the Downtown Sacramento Ice Rink.

On Feb. 13, it was announced that Breakthrough Sacramento (BSAC) has hired a new executive director, Faith Galati, and a program manager, Amber Busby.  

Galati, a member of the Working Group seeking to bring BSAC back, replaces Adolfo Mercado, the director since 2005. She is also the mother of Aidan, ‘16, and Madison, ‘12.

“(Galati) was just a force for fundraising,” history teacher Sue Nellis said.

Nellis is a member of both the Working Group and the smaller committee that selected the executive director and program manager.

“It seemed like the perfect fit to have someone like Faith, who knows a lot about the program and has so many connections in Sacramento,” Nellis said.

(Photo used by permission of Galati)
Breakthrough’s new executive director Faith Galati

Busby is currently the operations manager for College Track Sacramento, a program that works with students from underserved communities from ninth grade to college graduation.

“(She has) great skills and poise and all of those things that we need in this program,” Nellis said.

According to Nellis, the Working Group’s next order of business is to start recruiting teachers and students for this summer’s program.

By Allison Zhang

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