Freshman Brenda Alegría started making videos in 2013. She creates many different types featuring sports and dances, and she used to make YouTube videos. She also filmed a video on the Ancil Hoffman picnic.

Q: When did you start making videos?

A: SCDS was the first time where I actually showed people my videos. The first one was at the pep rally where I showed the volleyball and soccer videos.

Q: Why did you start making videos?

A: I was seeking ways to get involved with the school and even make friends. I didn’t really want to be the invisible new girl that I was in my last schools. I also like helping people smile.

Q: Has anyone been giving you feedback?

A: (Athletic director and coach) Matt Vargo guided me through it, telling me what he’d like me to do. I just added things I thought would be cool. It wasn’t a specific video; it was basically all of the sport videos I’ve made.

Q: How did Mr. Vargo help you?

A: (He) told me that I could do whatever I thought would be good. He just told me that a close-up of every player would be great. And I did that in every video so far. I edited both the boys’ JV basketball and the girls’ basketball in only one day. They didn’t turn out great, but Matt seemed satisfied!

Q: What do you film with?

A: A Canon SX510 HS that I got for Christmas a few years ago.

Q: How did you learn to take videos?

A: I’ve always looked at YouTube videos, and they looked fun to make so I just taught myself.

Q: How did you learn to edit them?

A: I just taught myself. I’d watch all these videos on YouTube and started making my own. There have been a few from 2013 that I had 11,155 views on and some supportive feedback. But I decided to put the videos on private for personal reasons.

Q: What was that video that had 12,000 views about?

A: It talks about what I had gone through. It was a video helping those that need someone to light up their day and find hope.

Q: Why did you put your YouTube account on private?

A: The video that got over 12,000 views was really personal. And even though I got great feedback, a lot of people came to me for help and advice. I was still dealing with my own problems, and more people kept on messaging me. As much as I love to help people, I decided that I wasn’t ready for that yet.

Q: How long does the process take, and what type of editing software do you use?

A: I use iMovie. Making the actual video (editing) is honestly not so hard! It takes about two hours in total after collecting all the footage. Filming is what takes extremely long.

Q: How do you select the music?

A: I select the music depending on what the video is about and (its) mood.

Q: What are you currently filming?

A: I am filming every varsity game because I am specifically filming four of the boys because their parents kindly asked me to. It’s like a job!

Q: Is making the videos ever stressful?

A: If they have a due date (like the school team videos), then yes. If I have a lot of time to get them done, it’s okay.

Q: Would film ever be a career for you?

A: It’s my second option, I guess. Psychology is my first.


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