Freshman Brenda Alegria shows off her camera.

Freshman Brenda Alegria makes videos to become involved in school community

Freshman Brenda Alegría started making videos in 2013. She creates many different types featuring sports and dances, and she used to make YouTube videos. She also filmed a video on the Ancil Hoffman picnic.

Q: When did you start making videos?

A: SCDS was the first time where I actually showed people my videos. The first one was at the pep rally where I showed the volleyball and soccer videos.

Q: Why did you start making videos?

A: I was seeking ways to get involved with the school and even make friends. I didn’t really want to be the invisible new girl that I was in my last schools. I also like helping people smile.

Q: Has anyone been giving you feedback?

A: (Athletic director and coach) Matt Vargo guided me through it, telling me what he’d like me to do. I just added things I thought would be cool. It wasn’t a specific video; it was basically all of the sport videos I’ve made.

Q: How did Mr. Vargo help you?

A: (He) told me that I could do whatever I thought would be good. He just told me that a close-up of every player would be great. And I did that in every video so far. I edited both the boys’ JV basketball and the girls’ basketball in only one day. They didn’t turn out great, but Matt seemed satisfied!

Q: What do you film with?

A: A Canon SX510 HS that I got for Christmas a few years ago.

Q: How did you learn to take videos?

A: I’ve always looked at YouTube videos, and they looked fun to make so I just taught myself.

Q: How did you learn to edit them?

A: I just taught myself. I’d watch all these videos on YouTube and started making my own. There have been a few from 2013 that I had 11,155 views on and some supportive feedback. But I decided to put the videos on private for personal reasons.

Q: What was that video that had 12,000 views about?

A: It talks about what I had gone through. It was a video helping those that need someone to light up their day and find hope.

Q: Why did you put your YouTube account on private?

A: The video that got over 12,000 views was really personal. And even though I got great feedback, a lot of people came to me for help and advice. I was still dealing with my own problems, and more people kept on messaging me. As much as I love to help people, I decided that I wasn’t ready for that yet.

Q: How long does the process take, and what type of editing software do you use?

A: I use iMovie. Making the actual video (editing) is honestly not so hard! It takes about two hours in total after collecting all the footage. Filming is what takes extremely long.

Q: How do you select the music?

A: I select the music depending on what the video is about and (its) mood.

Q: What are you currently filming?

A: I am filming every varsity game because I am specifically filming four of the boys because their parents kindly asked me to. It’s like a job!

Q: Is making the videos ever stressful?

A: If they have a due date (like the school team videos), then yes. If I have a lot of time to get them done, it’s okay.

Q: Would film ever be a career for you?

A: It’s my second option, I guess. Psychology is my first.


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