New Vietnamese freshman misses spring rolls and rice cakes

New freshman George Nguyen has just moved from Vietnam to Sacramento.

Q: What are some of your hobbies?

A: I like to play video games, play sports and sleep.

Q: What sport are you interested in?

A: I like soccer, swimming and badminton. I played soccer and badminton at my old school. I enjoy them because they’re healthy – and they kill time.

Q: Do you play Pokemon?

A: Yes, I still play it today. I think my favorite character is Pikachu.

Q: What type of video game do you like to play?

A: League of Legends because it wastes time.

Q: What did you do over the summer?

A: Fifty percent was sleeping, and the rest of the time I was playing video games and reading a book.

Q: What subjects are you most interested in?

A: I am interested in science because biology is interesting to me and I want to become a doctor.

Q: What is the difference between the schools in Vietnam and SCDS?

A: A uniform is required at school in Vietnam, and we don’t have free period.

Q: Why did you move to Sacramento?

A: My father suggested that I move because he wanted me to get a good education. I am the first one in my entire family that has gone to study in America.

Q: How long have you been in California?

A: Two weeks.

Q: Whom are you living with?

A: My parents. My mom is going to go back during the Vietnam New Year’s. They will stay with me for about six months until school is over.

Q: Why did you choose Country Day?

A: I just looked at school websites.

Q: What do you miss about Vietnam?

A: I miss the food. Specifically spring rolls or Bánh chưng, which is a rice cake.

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