Senior Ethan Ham, who broke a school record by finishing third in snowboarding, waits at the starting gate preparing to race.

Finishing third, snowboarder Ethan Ham breaks school record

Senior snowboarder Ethan Ham finished in third place of 19 racers at a ski and snowboard competition at Boreal Mountain Resort, Jan. 30.

The finish was the highest a Country Day snowboarder has ever placed, according to coach Jason Kreps.

“I think a lot of people fell because it was so icy,” Ham said. “Instead, I was pretty cautious at first.”

Sophomore snowboarder Aidan Cunningham finished 13th in his third race of the season.

“He (Cunningham) keeps getting better every race,” Kreps said.

In his first race Cunningham finished 16th of 19 racers. And in his second he placed 12th of 16.

In his first race on the team, sophomore Emil Erickson disqualified, going through the gate instead of around it.

“I was freaked out when I was about to start,” Erickson said. “But with with a few breaths I was able to calm down and make it down the mountain without falling. It was exciting.”

But he was aiming only to get experience under his belt, Kreps said.

Sophomore skier Daniel Hernried couldn’t attend the race due to emergency hip surgery last week. Hernried had competed in every other race this season.

The team’s next race will be Friday, Feb. 6, at Northstar.

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