How should you spend your summer vacation?

Can’t figure out what to do this summer? This flowchart will help you finalize your plans and find an activity you’ll love!

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Take a Country Day summer course:

Get ahead this summer and join the five-week summer biology and precalculus honors courses. Precalculus, taught by math teachers Patricia Jacobsen and Christopher Millsback, offers a five-hour, jam-packed curriculum of nothing but math – great for those who want to challenge themselves during their free time. Biology, taught by Kellie Whited and, covers the whole biology curriculum in five weeks. The course is intense, yet thrilling, for those who seek to expand their knowledge on the world around them. Both classes count for credits, ensuring students are able to take advanced classes during the regular school year. 

Attend a summer enrichment program in person at Columbia University:

The in-person summer program at Columbia University’s campus in New York City offers both one-week and three-week courses. Getting into the course requires submitting an application, an essay and a teacher recommendation. With over 70 different classes,  students attend three-hour lectures, and they are able to use the rest of the amenities, such as the dining hall and residential areas, offered by the university. Classes ranging from astrophysics to anatomy, creative writing,   law and the stock market are taught by experts in their fields or  university professors. If you aren’t available to take the course, other classes are offered by  different universities. You can apply for the course by going to Columbia’s Enrichment Program website and signing here.

Teach classes at Breakthrough Sacramento:

For the last four decades, Breakthrough Collaborative has been the national leader in education equality. Country Day students have been working in the program as teachers for underprivileged students within the greater Sacramento area. Teachers help students for five weeks, teaching  STEM-based classes, including a variety of math, robotic engineering and outdoor science courses. Creative writing classes, book clubs and electives are also offered. No matter the experience, all Country Day students are welcome to teach for a cause – to get started, reach out to

Attend a Nike basketball camp:

Hosted by the coach of William Jessup College, Lance Van Vogt, Nike’s overnight basketball camps in Rocklin, Ca., are for anyone and everyone who wants to test their skills against the best of the best. Players stay in dormitories to create bonds with other attendees for three days, crafting their fundamental skills with guest appearances from ex and current NBA players. Hone your abilities this summer with a chance like no other at this year’s  Rocklin Nike Basketball Camp. Attend the camp by signing up on Nike Basketball’s website.

Volunteer at SMUD’s science museum:

Expand your mind at SMUD’s new museum of Science and Curiosity. Students are welcome to apply to be a summer camp counselor at the museum  with few qualifications other than a positive attitude. Counselors guide camps through the museum’s many exhibits, planetarium and theater shows. Hours are flexible and counselors usually learn a lot  during the five to seven week timespan. Apply to become a counselor on the museum’s website

Volunteer at the Front Street Animal Shelter:

Sacramento Front Street Animal Shelter is a great way for students who love animals to get some volunteer hours under their belts. You can begin volunteering at the age of 12, but need to be over the age of 16 to volunteer without adult supervision. To start, students create a profile and meet a Volunteer Project Manager to go through a quick interview. Volunteers create a profile through the shelter website and are expected to complete 20 service hours by fostering pets (for ages 18 and up), starting donation drives or doing hands-on work at the shelter. Become a volunteer by visiting their website online. 

Become a C.I.L.T at Walton’s Grizzly Lodge:

Spend a summer in  the great outdoors  at Walton’s Grizzly Lodge in Portola, Ca., which has opened its doors again after the pandemic. If you are 16 or older, you are eligible to apply to join the Counselor in Leadership Training to help younger campers with outdoor activities including horseback riding, fishing and water trampolines. Becoming a C.I.L.T gives you 10% off your camp tuition of ​​$2,150 for one week, but doesn’t pay a salary. Rest assured, a salary will be the last thing on your mind after a week’s stay at Walton’s Grizzly Lodge. You can enroll in the camp on their website.

Enjoy your free time:

There’s no shame in doing absolutely nothing this summer. Summer is meant for relaxing, so why not partake? Sleep in, read a book, catch up on some Netflix and hang out with some friends and family. It’s great to get out and explore the world after time indoors during the pandemic, but staying home never hurt anybody. So, take some time to yourself and enjoy your time off.

— Story by Jacob Chand. Graphics by Jacob Chand and Samhita Kumar.

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