Tips for getting more sleep

Tips to Get More Sleep

So, how can you ensure you get enough sleep?

Good sleep hygiene is key, Dhawan said.

Lastly, to avoid stress, it’s recommended to do deep breathing exercises before bed and avoid social media, Dhawan said. 

Reynolds suggested creating a ritual or routine for yourself before going to bed. Creating patterns or habits — such as drinking a warm glass of milk or washing your face — can teach the body when it is time to go to bed, she said. Above all, consistency is important.

— Stories by Ethan Monasa, Arijit Trivedi and Garman Xu

— Animations by Brynne Barnard-Bahn, Dylan Margolis and Arijit Trivedi

— Graphics by Charlie Acquisto, Brynne Barnard-Bahn, Arijit Trivedi and Ethan Monasa

Originally published in the Feb. 2 edition of the Octagon.

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