Junior outside Haylee Holman jumps up, preparing to strike the ball. (Photo by Adam Akins)

Unforced errors take best of Country Day in loss to number one seed Western Sierra

Country Day varsity volleyball fell to the Western Sierra Wolves 3-1 on Sept. 28.

Western Sierra has the reigning league MVP, MacKinley Hamm, so coach Jason Kreps had a specific strategy going into the game. 

“We wanted to serve the ball towards their best player every time to tire her out and get her out of rhythm,” Kreps said.

However, the team only served it to Hamm 20% of the time, resulting in her scoring possession after possession, Kreps said. 

The Cavs also struggled to receive the Wolves’ spikes, as they were powerful and well-placed. 

Junior outside hitter Haylee Holman led the team with nine kills. Holman described Western Sierra’s spikes as ‘nearly impossible’ to receive, but she was still able to dig some of them. 

“To successfully receive spikes, you need to get under the ball, hold your ground and not make any sudden movements which could reroute the ball,” Holman said.

Inconsistent receives were a main reason why the Cavs lost, Holman said. 

The Cavs also gave up easy points on offensive miscommunications. 

Sophomore setter Kaitlyn Dias, who led the team with 20 assists, attributed the miscommunications to nerves. 

“They had swept us earlier in the season, and we let that fear get the best of us,” Dias said.

The nervousness also came from the huge crowd of Cavalier supporters in attendance.

“We didn’t want to let them down,” Dias said. “Next time, we need to calm down and let go of our mistakes.”

The Cavs’ next game is on Oct. 5 at 6 p.m. against Buckingham Charter at home.

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— By Rod Azghadi

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