Baseball team takes first season victory despite junior’s injury (video included)

Date: May 7


Opponent: Faith Christian School


Final score: 11-10 (Cavs’ victory – their first of the season)


Inside info (per freshman Max Wu): “This was the best game we (have) played. We made a very minimal amount of mistakes. This was also our best batting performance (10 hits) of this whole season; our defense was exceptional as well.

“On Wednesday, we play Faith Christian again so we are going to keep up our intensity.

“I scored two runs and had one RBI. I started off at outfield for the first two innings, but then I was moved to third base for the rest of the game because (junior Nate Jakobs) had an injury. This was the first time I’ve ever played third base.

“(Sophomore) Max (Kemnitz) was wearing a cast, and he was only able to play catcher for a few innings before he was taken out of the game (and replaced by Jakobs).

“I (had) hurt my thumb, too, from basketball. In the first two innings, I wasn’t able to hold the bat properly, so my swings were less powerful. After the second inning, I found a position for my hand that allowed me to swing properly without hurting my thumb.”


Inside info (per Jakobs): “I strained my right hamstring and hip flexor on a slide into third base on my triple in the first inning. My leg landed at an awkward angle when I turned to avoid the tag.”


Inside info (per junior Jack Christian):  “We had a few key players, such as (first baseman) freshman Avinash Krishna and (outfielder) junior Alex Rogawski, step up today (in batting). Many on the team had some key hits that helped us take the lead when we were down. (Pitcher) Nate Jakobs also did a great job coming in and closing.

“The most surprising thing was having only one umpire. It worked in our favor a few times.”

Next game: The Cavs’ final game is on Wednesday, May 9, at 4 p.m. against Faith at Faith.

By Larkin Barnard-Bahn 

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