Boys’ varsity soccer team came home victorious for their homecoming game

The Country Day Cavs defeated the Buckingham Charter Knights 6-0 on Friday, Oct. 13, obtaining a win for their homecoming game and the last home game of the season. 

Freshmen Ryan Scripps and Nolan Montoya with junior Andrew Burr secured the game in the first quarter by scoring three goals. Scripps and seniors Aiden Cooley and Derek Taylor scored an additional three goals later in the game. 

Co-coach George Champayne said the team played great. 

“We controlled the ball and the whole game,” Champayne said. “We put players in different positions to give them more experience in new spots, and I’m enjoying seeing some of our old players scoring goals and getting opportunities.”

According to Champayne, the team’s sheer skill was the greatest contributing factor to the game. 

“We outplayed them, outran them and outshot them. I think they only got two shots on us, so our skills probably took over this game.”

Champayne also commended Cooley’s game. 

“Aiden played especially well. He’s one of our beginner players, but he’s out there hustling and almost got two goals,” he said.

Champayne wishes for the team to make the playoffs  to further improve their skills. 

The team is working on their next game against Cristo Rey, a critical match in their path to the playoffs. 

They are working on increasing passing, reducing the amount of long balls and playing with more skillful footwork in general. 

The Cavs have their next game away against Cristo Rey on Tuesday, Oct. 17 at 6:30 pm.

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