Sophomore Max Weitzman sports his seemingly endless collection of sports memorabila

Max Weitzman

Sophomore Max Weitzman is Country Day’s super sports fan, and his style reflects it.

“I would describe my style as pretty different from everybody else’s. I wear jerseys, shorts and basketball shoes. I hate wearing long pants,” Weitzman said.

Weitzman is seldom seen wearing the same thing twice.

Weitzman’s jersey collection is constantly growing, amassing over  250 individual basketball jerseys.

This collection started in 2018 when Weitzman’s mom traveled to Boston and brought him back a Larry Bird jersey. Bird is a former Boston Celtics player. 

“I was very into basketball at the time, and I asked for a Jason Tatum jersey. It was a problem when she brought back the Larry Bird jersey because my dad is a huge L.A. Lakers fan, so he didn’t like it,” Weitzman said.

Because of the conflict the jersey created, Weitzman went to the mall and bought a Lakers jersey.

“After that, the jersey collection just took off. It got to 100, then 200, and now it’s at 250. My current favorite is my Kareem Abdul Jabbar Lakers jersey,” Weitzman said.

Relatively recently, Weitzman’s jersey collection expanded beyond basketball to include football and baseball, too. His love for sports hasn’t faded through the years. In fact, it’s grown.

“I like wearing jerseys because they show who I am and my interests. I love sports, and my jerseys really demonstrate that. I even got the nickname Jersey at basketball because of how much I wear them,” Weitzman said.

Weitzman has also developed an interest in shoes, an interest he now shares with his dad.

“I watched videos of shoes on the internet and talked about them to my friends, and eventually, my dad started to notice. The first pair of shoes I got and really liked were my golden Jordan 1’s,” Weitzman said.

Now, Weitzman’s favorites are his Nike Chunky Dunky shoes.

Nike’s Chunky Dunky is a colorful collaboration between Nike and Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream. They are a Nike Dunk featuring a light blue toe box, a surrounding cow-print pattern and a rainbow tie dye interior. 

Soon, however, Weitzman hopes to add more traditional fashion items to his closet, such as clothes from Nike, Jordan and Billionaire Boy Club.

By Garrett Xu

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