Baseball team defeats Victory Christian

The boys’ baseball team scored a decisive win over Victory Christian, 11-6, on March 10.

Cavs played at McAuliffe Field.

“The field was really nice and clean,” freshman Miles Edwards said. “The grass was cut really short making it a pleasure to play.”

Edwards pitched one inning, where he struck three people out.

Seniors Ethan Ham and Erik Morfin pitched too.

Morfin pitched for two innings and Ham for four.

Sophomore Emil Erickson was catcher for seven innings.

Edwards hit a RBI in the second inning.

“We played really great defense and offense,” Edwards said. “Our pitching and hitting was on point.

“I’m proud of the score we racked against the other team and our dynamic teamwork.”

The boys’ next game will be at the Mather Sports Center on March 17 from 4-7 p.m.


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