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V-Day Movie: A hot guy, a ditzy friend, a happy ending, and an armed robbery—’Clueless’ has it all

With Valentine’s Day approaching, Octagon staffers are reviewing movies that will put you and your special someone (or perhaps just you) in the right romantic mood. (Also see Get your ice cream and popcorn—’Like Crazy’ is going to be an emotional roller coaster and Classic ‘When Harry Met Sally’ will make you want what Meg is having)

I haven’t watched a lot of romantic comedies in my lifetime (I’m more of a Valentine’s Day horror movie marathon kind of girl), but I can tell that “Clueless” is one of the best.

Cher (Alicia Silverstone)—a rich lawyer’s daughter who is used to always getting her way—begins matchmaking as an attempt to make her debate teacher happier (and more willing to raise her grade). Soon her hobby expands to take in the new girl at school, Tai (Brittany Murphy).

But when her romantic plans for Tai fall apart, things become more complicated. Cher must figure out whom she truly loves and also decide what to do about Tai’s newfound affections for her ex-step-brother Josh (Paul Rudd).

Based on the novel “Emma” by Jane Austen, this movie fulfills the four main requirements I look for in a chick flick:

1) a hot guy

2) a ditzy best friend

3) a happy ending

4) an armed robbery

First, “Clueless” provides plenty of eye candy for the average heartbroken Valentine’s Day viewer with younger versions of Rudd, Jeremy Sisto and Breckin Meyer.

Rudd, the educated and charitably minded Josh, is the one to spark Cher’s desire to help others through matchmaking. Sisto is the heartbreaker who Cher initially matches with Tai. Meyer is the pot-smoking skater who continues to derail Cher’s plans for Tai because of Tai’s attraction to him.

Next, Cher’s friendship with Dionne (Stacey Dash) provides a good portion of the comedy in the film, bringing happy memories of “Legally Blonde” to mind.

Dionne’s relationship with her pant-sagging, wannabe bad-boy boyfriend Murray (Donald Faison) is unconventional and hilarious.

Third, like all memorable romcoms, “Clueless” has the typical happy ending, but in a way that’s original enough to keep it enjoyable and interesting. Let’s just say she ends up with the right guy (duh), and Tai also gets the guy who’s perfect for her.

As for the armed robbery, I’ll let you watch the movie.


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