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Freshman Focus Q&A: Tyler Burger likes geometry, fresh food, Christian atmosphere at nearby William Jessup

Tyler Burger, ‘13, attends William Jessup University in Rocklin, where he is majoring in mathematics.


Q: So what’s it like at William Jessup University?

A: The campus is really nice. It’s like a more modern and bigger version of Sacramento Country Day with auditoriums and dining halls. It’s really open and easy to get around.


Q: How big are the classes?

A: Most classes have only about 20 people. But last semester I took a class with my entire freshman class, which was over 150 people. But I also have a class with only three people.


Q: What’s your favorite class?

A: So far I’m really enjoying geometry because it’s challenging how I think and questioning a lot of the stuff I had previously held to be true about angles and shapes and changing the ways I look at things.


Q: Are you living in the dorms?

A: I do live in the dorms, but on the weekends I come home, where I do my laundry and catch up with my family. Dorm life is different, though, because in each residence hall there are four wings and each wing has a lobby that everybody hangs out in.


Q: What’s the food like?

A: The food is good. They get their food from Bon Appetit, a small on-site food supplier that serves all fresh food. It was given really high ratings amongst the students and is very popular on campus.


Q: What do you like least about William Jessup University?

A: I haven’t really had any major challenges, but I have had to get used to the very tangible chain of command. For example, if I have to talk to my residential director, I have to set up an appointment through my residential advisor. So it kind of slows things down and makes it hard to put in requests.


Q: William Jessup is a Christian university. How does that affect the school?

A: We attend chapel twice a week. And I think the religious atmosphere creates a sense of unity and makes everyone really friendly and eager to help.


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