Junior George Cvetich makes his closing statement to judge Jeanine Boyers at the end of the Jan. 30 scrimmage. (Photo by David Myers)

Mock Trial team scrimmages against Venture Academy (Video)

Update: The video is now availabe. It was taken down temporarily due to a request by coach Jeanine Boyers. 

The Mock Trial team scrimmaged against Venture Academy in Matthews Library, Jan. 30. Country Day was the prosecution and Venture Academy was on defense.

The judge found the defendant innocent, though the verdict isn’t indicative of which team won; in a real competition, victory is based on the number of points that teams win through arguments.

Coach Jeanine Boyers sat in as the judge for this scrimmage, which is also the last one before the Gordon D. Schaber Mock Trial Competition.

The competition has four rounds before the top eight teams enter the quarterfinals. The first round is on Thursday, Feb. 13. Country Day’s opponent has not yet been announced.

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