FRESHMAN FOCUS Q&A: William Wright enjoys cognitive science, rows crew

William Wright, ‘13, attends UC San Diego in La Jolla, where he is majoring in biochemistry and rows for the varsity crew team.


Q: What classes are you taking, and which do you like the best?

A: Calculus 2, biology, cognitive science, and Chemistry 2. I really like cognitive science. We’ve only had two lectures (UCSD is on the quarter system, so new classes start in January), and the professor really knows what he’s talking about. It has a lot to do with brain behavior and different parts of the brain.


Q: How’s the weather?

A: Well, I’m currently wearing a tank top, if that says anything! The weather is really phenomenal, though. I mean, last week it was in the high 60’s to low 70’s. I was at the beach a couple days ago, so it’s going pretty well.


Q: Do you like your dorm and roommates?

A: San Diego is on a college system, so there are six different colleges within the school. I’m in Muir College, which is the most popular, and within Muir I’m living in the freshman dorms. I’m in a double converted into a triple, with three big guys in a room. It’s pretty tight. We have completely different schedules. I’m the only guy getting up at 4:30 in the morning. But I have a balcony with an ocean view, which is really nice.


Q: How is rowing crew in college different from rowing in high school?

A: It’s higher intensity, volume, and time commitment. It’s a job, really. In high school you could tell the coach you aren’t feeling well or something. At the beginning of the year, my coach told us the three reasons why you can miss practice: your own hospitalization, a death in the immediate family, or the birth of your child. But it’s really great. I love it. I’m thriving. We’ve had two races so far, and my boat has won both of them. During the fall I was racing in the freshman eight boat.


Q: Do you go into the town of La Jolla or downtown San Diego often?

A: I really don’t leave campus a lot, except to go to crew practice in Mission Bay. I don’t go out a lot for fun, and I think I’ve gone into town about five times since I’ve been down here.


Q: Any advice for the class of ‘14?

A: If you are going to a UC, take AP credits. If you are not going to be an athlete in college, from what I’ve heard, it’s horrible trying to get classes. The easiest way to increase your chance of getting the classes you want is to have as many AP credits as possible. Also take the roommate form seriously, and make sure to put down when you go to bed and what you want in a roommate because that’s really important.

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