OFF—an RPG that’s worth playing for its music, comic relief and plot twists

You’re controlling a stern-faced man with a bat, staring down onto a headless body with smoke pouring out of the neck. You have the Batter hit it a few times until it disappears. Suddenly, a huge whale appears in front of you, and you make the Batter hit it until it dissolves to vapor. But you don’t know if it will come back to haunt you later.

A screenshot of the game OFF

Originally in French, OFF is an indie adventure RPG made by Mortis Ghost in 2008. It was translated into English in 2011.

The fantastic game is supported by an ever-shrinking fandom.

Though the game was more popular a few months ago, I rarely see new fanart created or cosplays photographed now. Some great pieces are created here and there, but I see less than I used to earlier this year.

Because this game is so “out there,” not many people have heard of it in the first place. And it does get boring if you play it more than once. However, it is worth playing because of the amazing music.

That music is key to transporting you into the world of OFF. The composer, Alias Conrad Colwood, describes the album as a “sweet blend of electro hovering and rhythmic, sometimes fun and sometimes scary.”

But what about the game?

At first, you don’t know very much about the world you are dropped into. But as you play, you discover more and more.

Aside from the animated world, there are also detailed drawings incorporated, describing many aspects of the game.

The game also provides some practice for French speakers if you choose to download the game in the original French.

You, “The Player,” control a mysterious character titled “The Batter.” The Batter is aware that he is controlled by the Player, yet he appears unfeeling to the Player — he hardly ever shares his emotions. His mission is to purify the zones of all the spectres.

The Player is accompanied by Add-Ons — Alpha, Omega and Epsilon — which he can acquire during the game. They help him purify the spectres.

The world of OFF is comprised of several different zones, each containing a final boss to beat before advancing to the next zone.

To complete the objectives set out for the Player-controlled Batter, you must test your memory skills and your patience as you battle different spectres by hitting them repeatedly with a baseball bat. The different classes of spectres possess varying degrees of immunity.

The unique characters are also a great part of the experience. Some, with their “inappropriate manners” are sure to shock you and provide some comic relief during the shocks and plot twists of the game.

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