New librarian assistant Mollie Hawkins recently moved from Alabama, where she attended the University of Alabama at Birmingham. (Photo by Skovran Cunningham)

Library assistant finds job at SCDS like ‘working in Narnia’

Odds are if you have checked a book out of the library this year, you have met Mollie Hawkins.

She’s the new library assistant who just moved here from Birmingham, Ala.

Marian Simmons, the previous assistant, left the school for a job at the Sacramento Public Library in June.

In Alabama, Hawkins worked at the local library while studying English at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

After college she moved to Sacramento.

“My sisters have been living here for 11 years, so I knew I would have a place to stay if I couldn’t get a job,” Hawkins said.

She had heard that the job market was tough, so she started looking for work online, applying to jobs all over town at places like Whole Foods.

Then she stumbled upon a listing for a librarian at a small private school.

“I saw this job on CareerBuilder and thought it was fake,” she said.

“I thought this is way too good to be true. I thought it was a scam.”

But after her interview with librarian Joanne Melinson, she became part of the team.

Hawkins spends most of her time cataloging books, making displays or helping students find books, and she says she enjoys her job.

“The only thing I don’t like about the school is that I don’t go here,” she said.

“Everyone is always in a good mood and there’s always good vibes. I tell people that it’s like working in Narnia.”

Despite her enthusiasm, Hawkins still misses things about Alabama.

“I miss the food and weather. I really miss the rain. Here the sun is always scorching my face,” she said.

“But the thing I miss the most is my dog Sophie Bananas; she’s a four-pound Pomeranian.”

Outside of the library she has other aspirations.

“I like to write a lot, so my number-one life goal is to just publish books,” she said. “Library Lady and  Writer sounds pretty good to me.”

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