Jackson Dulla sits in his dorm room. (Photo courtesy of Dulla)

Freshman Focus Q&A: Jackson Dulla enjoys 16-meal plan at Pitzer

Jackson Dulla, ’13, attends Pitzer College, one of the five Claremont Colleges, in Southern California. Dulla plans to declare a major in science in his junior year.  

Jackson Dulla in his dorm room at Pitzer College. (Photo courtesy of Dulla)

Q: What’s your favorite class? Least favorite?

A: It’s required to take a freshman writing seminar, which happens to be my favorite class; my teacher, Phil Zuckerman, teaches sociology. Another class I love is taught by different professors. My least favorite class is calculus because  I don’t like the teacher; he’s not like Mr. Mangold.

Q: How’s your dorm? The weather? The food?

A: I have one roommate and two suitemates, who share the same bathroom with me. Outside my dorm there’s a pool, gym, pool tables and ping-pong table. The only problem is that it’s under construction. The food is wonderful, and I love the 16-meal plan. I don’t eat breakfast, which means I usually have two meals left over. There are five different dining halls and you can go to any one.

 Q: Are you participating in extracurricular activities?

A: Yes, I am in a lot of clubs: two rock climbing clubs, one whitewater kayaking club, a golf club, working at a bike club, music club, yoga and cooking.

Q: Have you ventured into the town surrounding your school?

A: There’s a place called The Village, and it’s the student hangout. It has a movie theater, restaurants, and bookstores. There’s a farmers market as well.

 Q: What’s your most embarrassing freshman mistake?

A: I fell off a hammock.

 Q: What’s disappointed you about Pitzer?

A: The lack of school spirit.

 Q: Any advice for the class of ’14?

A: Apply to a wide variety of schools and keep your mind open.

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