(Photo courtesy of Saachi Sikaria)

Sophomore returns to Country Day, misses teachers, friends and free periods

Sophomore Saachi Sikaria returned from Folsom High School last week, after leaving Country Day at the end of freshman year.

(Photo courtesy of Saachi Sikaria)

Q: What notable differences were there between schools?

A: There was no free period at Folsom High, and both the electives had classes every day (instead of alternate days). Also, I did not have a choice to take just one elective—everyone had to have four subjects and two electives. The teachers at Folsom High could not give personal attention because the number of students in every class was at least over 30, though the teachers worked just as hard as the teachers in SCDS.

Q: Why did you decide to come back?

A: I had done very well in my freshman year at SCDS. However, because of my illness, my parents thought that being in a school near home would help reduce the stress on me. Once we started at Folsom, we all realized that the lack of a free period during the day meant that all the time we saved in the commute ended up being used in doing homework that was typically done during free period. Also, I was missing the teachers and some of the people I had made friends with in the 9th grade. Finally, the change from a private school to a public one was adding stress instead of reducing it—hence the change back.

Q: What, if anything, do you miss about Folsom High?

A:  I had several friends from my middle school who went there, and that is one thing that I liked.

Q: Are you glad you came back?

A: Yes, very much so! The teachers welcomed me back warmly and have been extremely accommodating in getting me caught up with the rest of the class. I’m looking forward to being a part of the SCDS family again!

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