Freshman Focus Q&A: Cori Locke survives smoke, orientation and complaining classmates

Cori Locke has just started her freshman year at the University of Nevada, Reno. She is majoring in community health science and is also taking ballet, modern, and jazz dance classes.

Q: How are your classes?

A: I’m in the honors program so most of my classes are honors. I like Psychology a lot. It’s a small class, so the professor is excited about teaching it. He really likes getting the students engaged and talking about whatever we’re learning.

Q: How was freshmen orientation?

A: I had a really bad experience. My orientation guide, who was supposed to make it super fun, was not invested in it at all and was super boring and was just there because they get paid. There were icebreaker games with your group that he didn’t remember how to play. There were a lot of presentations, slideshow after slideshow. They were very boring, and I didn’t really pay attention.

Q: Have you been affected by the fire in Yosemite?

A: The smoke is awful. There have been warnings like don’t go outside; just go straight to your class, don’t hang around outside. It’s so smoky you really can’t go around town.

Q: Have you explored Reno?

A: Yeah, a lot of people are from Reno, so I ended up going to a bowling alley in some casino the first night with some local people. Reno in general is different than what you might think. I mean there is more gambling; like in grocery stores there are random slot machines.

Q: Has anything about UNR disappointed you?

A: I think it needs to be a little harder for local kids to come in because they just don’t appreciate the school at all. Like “Yeah, I’m stuck at Reno. I couldn’t afford to go anywhere else.

Q: Any advice for the class of ’14?

A: Definitely try to get into the honors program if you’re going to a big public school because I can tell from my non-honors classes that there are people just wanting to go through the motions who don’t really care about what they’re doing.


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