Kevin Huang is a freshman from Guangzhou (Canton), China, where he attended Pan Yu Zhixin Middle School.

Sophomore Manson Tung had dinner with freshman Kevin Huang over the summer in Guangzhou, China. Tung’s family visited China and was able to give Huang an early Country Day welcome. (Photo by Tung)

Q: What is your favorite American food?

A: I could eat hot dogs and chocolate ice cream all day.

Q: What is your favorite Chinese holiday?

A:  I love Chinese New Year/Spring Festival because I get red packets, or lucky money, from all of my relatives. (Red packets are small red envelopes with money inside given by relatives generally to younger relatives.)

Q: What is your favorite American TV show?

A: I love the “Big Bang Theory” on CBS because it’s fun and it teaches lots of crazy knowledge.

Q: What are your favorite sports?

A: Swimming and Kung Fu (Chinese Martial Arts) because they can make me stronger and I can use them to protect myself.

Q: What are your life dreams or aspirations?

A: I dream of one day traveling around the world and being a famous Kung Fu master.

Q: Do you have pets?

A: I have goldfish and a large turtle that I miss a lot in China.

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