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Spencer Scott
Sophomore Spencer Scott has been at Country Day since seventh grade and is a reporter on the Octagon. He enjoys sleeping, model painting, history and technology in general. He does not enjoy changes to his sleep schedule, bad paint jobs, misconceptions about history and his father making him change the channel every minute. Academically he is very interested in STEM but even more in history. Contact at

Spencer Scott , Reporter

Jul 11, 2018
AP Aftermath: Teacher hosts study session for AP Art History; AP English Language exam unsurprising for senior ()
May 17, 2018
Octagon stories on memes, college, ballerinas, ‘helicopter parents’ receive national journalistic acclamation ()
May 01, 2018
The whole kit and kaboodle on Kahoot! ()
Mar 08, 2018
History teacher named Sacramento County National History Day competition’s Teacher of the Year after 13 students move on to state ()
Mar 02, 2018
Injuries plague tennis team’s first league match ()
Mar 01, 2018
From librarian to school: 10 minutes of reading is only New Year’s resolution you need (Story)
Jan 28, 2018
Zoe Dym, ’16, learns that Cold War fallout shelter won’t protect from a missile threat at University of Hawaii ()
Dec 26, 2017
Despite high-tech CGI, witty dialogue, ‘Star Wars: the Last Jedi’ falls flat for lack of villains ()
Nov 30, 2017
FRESHMAN FOCUS: Nicole Wolkov, ’17, attends speeches by international diplomats at George Washington University ()
Nov 19, 2017
WHEN I WAS LITTLE: Mermaids, wizards, Borg terrified reporters as children ()
Oct 05, 2017
FRESHMAN FOCUS: Quin LaComb, ’17, takes up line dancing, student government at Cal Poly, SLO ()
Sep 01, 2017
Q&A: Former science teacher trades middle schoolers, part-time job for assisting at Sac State ()
Jun 20, 2017
Checkoway’s ‘Three-Year Swim Club’ will be a major motion picture following attention from New York Times, NBC ()
Jun 07, 2017
Bands earn silver in Music Forum Festival after playing two contrasting pieces ()
May 21, 2017
History gets metal! Freshman sees favorite band Sabaton live in San Francisco ()
Apr 24, 2017
FRESHMAN FOCUS: Saachi Sikaria, ’16, enjoys Santa Clara University’s small classes, plans on joining intramural basketball teams ()
Apr 15, 2017
Q&A: Second batch of top-10 sophomore projects to examine religious morality, merging philosophies ()
Apr 03, 2017
Q&A: Dr. Bell has shoes by the dozen, favors Skechers, cowboy boots, wingtips ()
Mar 16, 2017
Ginger Elizabeth’s rare cupcakes might not be worth the yearlong wait ()
Mar 03, 2017
Q&A: Challenged by Shakespearean English, musically inclined sophomore portrays Miranda in STC’s ‘The Tempest’ ()
Mar 01, 2017
Political panelists reconvene on POTUS’s policies, cabinet picks, climate change, Women’s Marches ()
Jan 24, 2017
FRESHMAN FOCUS: Gracie Strumpfer joins Pride club at Univ. of San Diego, facing semi-conservative administration ()
Jan 05, 2017
Students cover cameras in response to threats of computer hacking ()
Dec 10, 2016
Reasons for these obscure wars range from a bucket theft to too many emus ()
Nov 23, 2016
Makerspace gives student artists, designers, engineers materials, location for crafting ()
Nov 06, 2016
‘Civilization VI’ allows players to create more complex empires as they advance through the eras ()
Oct 24, 2016
FRESHMAN FOCUS: Brad Petchauer ‘learns by doing’ in Cal Poly’s engineering program while living in a motel-like dorm ()
Sep 27, 2016
NKOTB: For two years new freshman was pied piper for 21 feral cats living in his yard ()