Arijit Trivedi

Hello! This is my bio. Oh sorry, let me switch to the third person. Sophomore Arijit Trivedi is a tall, funky dude who likes to lick lollipops while skipping through the quad. When he isn’t creating a clone of his dog, Arijit loves to melt Jolly Ranchers and pour the liquid into molds for garden gnomes. He also enjoys listening to robotic noises and spends most of his time photographing fungi. Contact at

Ethan Monasa

Sophomore Ethan Monasa has been at Country Day since kindergarten. He absolutely adores his four cats, who tend to distract him from homework. Outside of Octagon, he is a member of two soccer teams (school and club) and the Concert Band. In his spare time, Ethan enjoys writing fantasy novels. If he’s not doing that, he’s probably rewatching “The Lord of the Rings.” Contact at

Ming Zhu

Junior Ming Zhu is your go-to person for tech-related topics. Aside from that, he likes to play the clarinet, build computers, play tennis and snowboard. As he is writing his bio, he is worried about the impending armageddon of junior year. Hopefully, he will keep his sanity. Contact at

Nihal Gulati

Nihal Gulati is a rising sophomore at (you guessed it) Country Day. He’s 15, with two cute younger siblings (Saheb, age 12, and Heer, age 3). He’s mostly a laid-back guy who rarely gets mad. Nihal’s hobbies include reading fantasy and gaming, which is why he may walk into you while engrossed in a book. Fun fact: Nihal wants to be a physicist. Also, he still plays Pokemon on his Switch. Contact at

Sanjana Anand

When she’s not scrolling through her Instagram feed watching aesthetic food videos, sophomore Sanjana Anand spends her time napping, procrastinating and watching Netflix (especially “Grey’s Anatomy”). If she’s not doing any of those things (which take up the majority of her time), she enjoys playing tennis, listening to music, trying different kinds of face masks and participating in Mock Trial. Contact at

Arikta Trivedi

Sophomore Arikta Trivedi has attended SCDS since the third grade. She is a percussionist in the concert band and Chair of Communications on Student Council. During her free time, she likes to watch her favorite shows, “Friends” and “Grey’s Anatomy.” Arikta also loves dogs and enjoys spending time with her 5-year-old golden retriever named Buddy. Contact at

Arjin Claire

Sophomore Arjin Claire has attended Country Day since kindergarten and is in his second year on the Octagon. He is an avid soccer player and enjoys watching “Liverpool FC.” Arjin loves reading, spending time with family and friends, playing video games, drawing, celebrating Christmas and sleeping. Arjin is also a passionate “Harry Potter” fan and would love to discuss the series with anyone. Contact at

Dylan Margolis

Dylan James Margolis is a sophomore at the ripe age of 15. This is his second year reporting for the Octagon. He hasn’t lost all of his baby teeth yet and is a pretty big fan of “Star Wars.” For proof, he predicts that Endor returns in episode 9 with the Ewoks. Lastly, Dylan always has the best story ideas and should get points for all of them. Contact at

Elise Sommerhaug

Junior Elise Sommerhaug has been attending SCDS since fourth grade. She has participated in the Octagon since freshman year, starting out as a writer but moving to photography one year later. She enjoys playing volleyball and the violin inside and outside of school. Contact at

Emily Asperger

When not at the pool or in school, freshman Emily Asperger loves eating and scrolling through Tik Tok. She has attended Country Day for seven years and is a first-year Octagon staffer. She swims competitively year round and has a passion for eating ice cream. She enjoys playing the violin and walking her two dogs. She is definitely still trying to figure out high school. Contact at

Emma Boersma

As the sun rises on her last year of high school, senior Emma Boersma has slowly become less flesh and blood and more ice cream and coffee. Also — fun fact — she has used that same gross pencil case since she found it on the ground in Staples in sixth grade. One can often find her correcting people who pronounce La Croix like “Lah Kur-Oi,” promoting her YouTube channel, and defending the Oxford comma. Contact at

Eric Lechpammer

Eric Lechpammer is a freshman at Country Day who pretends to know what he’s doing. He makes editorial cartoons for the Octagon. He has a younger sibling named Laura (age 8) who also attends Country Day. When he isn’t in class or spending time with his friends, he can be found drawing, participating in Mock Trial, playing video games, running long distances or having long conversations with his cats. Contact at

Héloïse Schep

Senior Héloïse Schep is a trilingual Dutch expat and stressed out by relaxing. Thus, she’s a four-year member of the Octagon and the Glass Knife; a Mock Trial team captain; the vice president of the a capella club; a member of the Robotics and Book clubs and too many others; and an amateur coder and astrologist. She loves teaching, taking copy-editing quizzes, designing pages and using semicolons. Contact at

Hermione Xian

This is junior Hermione Xian’s second year at Country Day and first year on the Octagon as a photographer. She enjoys recording the happiest moments by taking photos, playing basketball and listening to music. She is quiet but is always willing to share interesting ideas. Her goals include contributing great photos and gaining experience by learning new skills as a staff of the octagon. Contact at

Jackson Crawford

It’s senior Jackson Crawford’s ninth year at Country Day and second year on the Octagon. He has a younger brother, Peyton, and sister, Makena, who also attend Country Day. He enjoys playing sports, hanging out with friends and waiting until the last minute to finish that paper that was assigned three months ago (just in case someone dare finish it early). However, his patented technique is not for sale. Contact at

Jacob Chand

Freshman Jacob Chand has been attending Country Day in bright and sunny Sacramento, since Pre-K. This is his first year on the Octagon, and has really no idea what he is doing. Outside the Octagon, Jacob also participates in other school activities including mock trial basketball, soccer, and l. When he isn’t doing those things he is most likely either making his friends laugh or just annoying them. Contact at

Larkin Barnard-Bahn

Senior Larkin Barnard-Bahn enjoys singing — both in the a cappella club she founded and in the Sacramento Children’s Chorus — baking and finding grammar and spelling mistakes. Such errors in professional situations — such as Planet Fitness’ unhyphenated compound adjective in its “judgment free zone” marketing — are her pet peeves. Her favorite punctuation is the em dash — it’s clear and powerful! Contact at

Miles Morrow

Miles Morrow is a sophomore at Country Day and a second-year Octagon staffer. This is his 12th year at Country Day, and he plans to stay all through high school. In his free time, Miles enjoys playing Minecraft with his friends. His summer consisted of travel and sports and a lot of relaxing and video games — because that’s what it’s for, right? Miles is nervous and excited for his sophomore year. Contact at

Rebecca Waterson

Senior Rebecca Waterson always has wet hair since she’s a year-round swimmer. Most of her days are spent at the pool, while the rest of her time is split between daydreaming, attempting to sing to her dogs and trying to find time to read her favorite books. She loves all food except seafood, her dislike blossoming from a traumatic experience involving clams. Plus, she could never eat her fish friends! Contact at

Rod Azghadi

It’s freshman Rod Azghadi’s second year at Country Day and first year on the Octagon. He has a younger brother, Ryan, who always gives Rod a run for his money while playing Smash Bros. together. Rod is known for his unconditional love of the Gutenberg Printing Press, as it is the main reason Rod joined the Octagon. In his spare time, you could probably find Rod missing lay-ups in the basketball gym. Contact at

Samhita Kumar

Freshman Samhita Kumar, like a genie, can be summoned with a magic lamp. She can also be summoned with dark chocolate, the scent of new books and Quiz Bowl questions. In her spare time, Samhita enjoys reading, writing, spending an excessive amount of time on her calligraphy and watching true crime documentaries. On occasion, she will grant wishes. Contact at

Shimin Zhang

This is senior Shimin Zhang’s third year on the Octagon as a photographer and first year as a Co-Photo Editor. She enjoys photography and reading during her free time. She also loves classical music and plays piano in the high school chamber group. Her favorite composers are Haydn and Shostakovich. She looks forward to contributing more photos to the print and online edition of Octagon this year. Contact at

Sicily Schroeder

Sophomore Sicily Schroeder has been at Country Day since kindergarten, and this is her first year on the Octagon. When she isn’t doing homework, Sicily likes to read multiple books at once and begin watching random Netflix shows. She plays volleyball and tennis, although tennis is a work in progress — so far she hasn’t managed to do much more than hit the ball out of bounds. Contact at