The Octagon

2017-2018 Staff

Gabi Alvarado


Gabriela is a junior and is co-captain of the Mock Trial team and co-Literary editor of The Glass Knife. She started the Latinx Student Union club as a freshman and is co-president of the LQBTQ+ club. She enjoys reading classics...

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Keshav Anand


Keshav, a freshman, entered Country Day this year. He is a reporter for the Octagon and loves to work and write stories. He is also part of the Mock Trial team because he has a passion for speech, debate, writing cases and public...

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Larkin Barnard-Bahn

Business Manager

Larkin is a singer, dog lover, Harry Potter fan and, most importantly, a pun master. She apparently thought it was a great idea to share her pun addiction with the Octagon and write a My Angle about it. Although letting her do so ...

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Jacqueline Chao

Photo Editor

While her fellow juniors are doing life-changing things for college, Jacqueline is still appreciating the art of daydreaming, FaceTiming people she shouldn’t, staring at herself with Snapchat filters on and listening to mus...

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Jack Christian

News Editor

Jack has been at SCDS for 13 years. He has two sisters: one who is 8 months old and another who is a freshman at St. Francis High School. His favorite place to be is Walton’s Grizzly Lodge, where he was a camper for three years...

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Sahej Claire

Online Editor-in-Chief

Senior Sahej Claire prides herself on being (almost) unhealthily obsessed with books and reading even when she doesn’t have time. She enjoys rowing for Capital Crew’s Varsity Women as well as running the Design Thinking Clu...

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Annya Dahmani

Print Editor-in-Chief

Annya is a senior who has attended Country Day since kindergarten. She loves playing sports; her favorites are volleyball and track and field. She enjoys listening to music as well, especially songs by her favorite rapper, Lil Uzi...

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Katia Dahmani

Print Editor-in-Chief

Katia is a senior who has been at SCDS since kindergarten and on staff for four years. Katia has also played for the girls’ varsity basketball and volleyball teams for four years. When she’s not writing a story for the Oct...

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Bri Davies

Social Media Editor

Sophomore Bri Davies has attended Country Day for just under three-and-a-half years. She enjoys playing a variety of sports and is currently on the varsity volleyball team. Although volleyball, basketball and skiing consume t...

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Patricia Fels


Patricia Fels has been advising the Octagon for donkey’s years – her first issue was published in September 1977! Thus she remembers the days of setting headlines in the darkroom, rolling hot wax on the back of copy, and driving...

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Anna Frankel

Page Editor

Sophomore Anna is a second-year Octagon staffer. Her normal pastimes include eating, traveling, playing guitar and catching up on lost sleep. But when Anna is well rested, she is an adrenaline junkie, ready to hit the slopes, cliffs...

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Bianca Hansen


Bianca is a junior who has been at SCDS since kindergarten. She has traveled all over the world with her two sisters: Morgan, a fourth grader, and Sonja, a senior. During their travels, the three have been on countless adventures,...

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Sonja Hansen

Print Editor-in-Chief

Sonja is a senior who has been at Country Day since first grade. This is Sonja’s fourth and final year on staff. She has visited over 30 countries with her two sisters (fourth grader Morgan and junior Bianca) and brother, Chr...

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Mehdi Lacombe

Page Editor

Mehdi is a junior. He has traveled all around the world and has lived in the United States, France and Belgium. This is only his second year on staff, but he has been interested in writing since elementary school. Mehdi consid...

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Bryce Longoria

Assistant Media/Broadcast Editor

Senior Bryce Longoria is in his second year on the Octagon. He is an avid Sacramento Kings fan and enjoys watching almost every major sport. In his free time, he enjoys playing video games and basketball. Contact at blongoria18@scdsstud...

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Jake Longoria

Sports Editor

Jake, a senior, is a jack of all trades. After winning a Superior Award in Sports Writing at the annual JEA/NSPA convention, Jake switched his focus to writing reviews of all types with his friends. But Jake’s omnipotence stretc...

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Jackson Margolis

Page Editor

(Read as a rhythmic poem) Sophomore Jackson goes to CD. He came here just months after he turned 3. He has a cat that he calls Shamoo, But he named him before the so-called abuse. His passions include the Octagon and...

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Harrison Moon

Media/Broadcast Editor

The name’s Moon, Harrison Moon. Junior Harrison Moon came from Orange County to Country Day in his sophomore year, and of all the schools in all of Sacramento, he walked into this one. He currently works for the media/broadcast...

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Chardonnay Needler

Online Editor-in-Chief

Junior Chardonnay, an amateur food connoisseur and judger of most American pop music, has no concept of boredom. When she’s not practicing cello, going through her neuroscience-and-linguistics-infested Quora feed, or watching British...

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Mohini Rye

Design Chief/Feature Editor

A junior, Mohini is the one judging everyone silently or distracting her friends in class. Her favorite thing to do is art - which means no paper is safe from her doodling - and her free time is spent Netflixing, reading (noth...

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Sarina Rye


Sarina is a freshman, which makes this her 11th year at SCDS. She admires her older sister and fellow staffer, Mohini, but doubts the feelings are requited. Sarina has a talent for binge-watching Netflix that accompanies her be...

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Héloïse Schep

Page Editor

Sophomore Héloïse (don’t forget the accents!) Schep is proud to be Dutch - she lived in the Netherlands for 10 years, speaks fluent Dutch and attends an online Dutch high school - but that doesn’t stop her from obsessing ...

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Kristine Schmitz


Kristine is a freshman. She loves being active and playing a variety of sports. Her favorites are swimming, tennis and diving. She also enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She has two black labs whom she loves p...

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Spencer Scott


Sophomore Spencer Scott has been at Country Day since seventh grade and is a reporter on the Octagon. He enjoys sleeping, model painting, history and technology in general. He does not enjoy changes to his sleep schedule, bad pain...

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David Situ

Assistant Media/Broadcast Editor

David Situ is a sophomore who has attended SCDS since kindergarten. He is returning to the Octagon for a second year, with a  new position as multimedia assistant. His hobbies include reading, sleeping, watching tv, sleeping...

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Elise Sommerhaug


Freshman Elise Sommerhaug loves to play volleyball, joke around and listen to music (especially K-pop). She plays the violin in the Sacramento Youth Symphony, the school's orchestra and chamber group. She plans to tryout for ...

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Rebecca Waterson


Sophomore Rebecca Waterson always has wet hair. Most of her day is spent at the pool while the rest of her time is split between reading memoirs (and re-reading the "Harry Potter" series, the "Starcatcher" series and "Ender’s...

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Allison Zhang

Design Chief/Opinion Editor

Junior Allison Zhang enjoys small crowds, jumbo shrimp, procrastinating, completing tasks early, deep-fried foods, healthy eating, watching movies illegally on sketchy websites, reporting when people are watering their lawns on the...

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Shimin Zhang


Shimin Zhang is a sophomore. This is her first year in Octagon working as a photographer. She enjoys classical music, crafting and reading. She usually spends her free time on Duolingo, Bilibili, her crafting board and ebooks. ...

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Ming Zhu


Ming is a freshman and new to the Octagon and journalism in general. He moved to Sacramento from Beijing three years ago and has been at Country Day ever since. He has many interests, including music, computer programming, wo...

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