COOKING IN THE CAVE: Indulge yourself with these sophisticated chocolate rose petals

This is the fifth and final recipe of a five-part Valentine’s Day-themed revival of Cooking in the Cave.

What is a Valentine’s Day without chocolate?


If you’re willing to sacrifice a rose, chocolate rose petals are a sophisticated snack that take only a few minutes of prep.

My mom has been doing weird things with chocolate ever since I can remember. She’s made chocolate bowls using balloons, chocolate leaves and chocolate rose petals.

To make these type of treats, you basically dip your desired object in chocolate and let it dry. Then, after the chocolate cools, you peel the chocolate off the object.

Instead of eating your chocolate petals right when they set, you can also use them to decorate virtually any dessert.



Rose petals

Chocolate (milk or dark)


Pour water into a bowl. Wash rose petals in the water. Microwave chocolate in a bowl for 30 seconds, then mix. Repeat until chocolate is melted.

Line a plate with non-stick wax paper. Using a pastry brush, paint one side of rose petal with chocolate. Place chocolate-side up on the non-stick wax paper.

Refrigerate the chocolate rose petals until firm. Then gently peel the rose petal off the chocolate. Refrigerate petals until ready to eat.


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