Director of technology finds his office gift-wrapped and ready to go

Tom Wroten, director of technology, came to work on Friday, Dec. 20,  to find that Christmas had arrived a little early this year—his cubicle was fully giftwrapped.

Everything from his computers to his chairs to the telephone was individually covered in colorful paper.

The main culprit, Wroten’s assistant Michael Cvetich, ’05, said he thought it’d be fun to give Wroten a little holiday surprise.

“Starting on Monday, I was actually sneaking stuff out of his cubicle and giving it to (staff member) Hannah Frank, so she would giftwrap things in her office and hold them there,” Cvetich said.

On Thursday night, Cvetich waited at Loehmann’s Plaza. After receiving an all-clear call from an accomplice in the  front office, he went back and giftwrapped everything else.

Friday morning when Wroten came to work, Cvetich was already set up to capture his reaction.

“I actually snuck back inside the cubicle and videotaped from the inside, and I was playing Michael Bublé Christmas music,” Cvetich said.  “I took a lot of photos and video of him when he found it.”

Wroten, Cvetich said, was completely surprised.

“He was somewhere in between shocked and confused,” Cvetich said with a grin.

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