Senior Patrick Talamantes was up for hire to scare students on Halloween. For $1, Talamantes would sneak up on the victims and scare them while wearing his costume. (Photo by Elena Lipman)

Check the corners and look behind you—or he’ll getcha!

Students and teachers alike had to be vigilant this Halloween due to a new fundraiser held by the Student Council.

For $1, students could hire Patrick Talamantes, vice-president of the senior class, to scare anyone on campus. These “gifts” were called scaregrams.

Talamantes was given a list of nine people to scare.

The ill-fated nine were freshmen Juan Carlos Souza, Zane Jakobs, David Boley and Quin LaComb; juniors Dominic Stephen, Aishwarya Nadgauda and Clare Fina; senior Sydney Jackson; and physics teacher, Glenn Mangold.

The Student Council’s decision to make Talamantes the scarer was simple.

“We wanted someone who was already on the Student Council and was enthusiastic about scaring people,” said senior class president, Maya Kuppermann. “Since most of the people on Student Council are unintimidating girls, (Talamantes) was the best choice.”

Reportedly, everyone, with the exception of Souza, was successfully scared.

Talamantes scared Fina during lunch.

“I was sitting at a table in the high-school quad, and he snuck up behind me with a mask on and yelled in my ear,” Fina said. “I screamed so loud!”

Jackson had a slightly different experience.

“I was walking out of the library after school when he, wearing a weird mask, came up behind me and screamed,” Jackson said. “Although I was surprised, I didn’t scream, but I think I said something like ‘What the heck?!’”

Sophomore Jenny Kerbs thought that Talamantes did a wonderful job.

“When he scared (Fina), I was unintentionally scared as well,” Kerbs said. “I wasn’t even near him, and he managed to get me to jump out of my seat!”

Souza, on the other hand, didn’t find Talamantes very scary.

“(Talamantes) came up behind after morning meeting and screamed very loudly in my ear,” Souza said.

“To scare someone properly, you can’t just scream at them. I think that if he had worn his mask (which he had worn while scaring other people) I would have been more frightened.”


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