AGAINST ALL ODDS: Ski and Snowboard

Ski and Snowboard

By Aarushi Rohatgi

The ski and snowboard team has had many triumphs this season, which was shorter this year with six races.
The highest scorer, junior Hailey Fesai, placed sixth overall in the league.

Coach Jason Kreps said one of his favorite memories from the season was when Fesai placed second in the slalom race on Feb. 26, which was her best finish yet. 

Kreps said he was proud to see Fesai end the season sixth overall in the league, especially after her injury last year. 
Fesai broke her femur in her right leg last year, which resulted in a surgery. Fesai started the season on the same hill where she had been severely injured. 

Fesai said although she had a rough start to the season, she was able to recover from her injury both mentally and physically and work her way up to the podium.

Fesai hopes that next year she will be able to connect and interact with other players at races.

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