By Lauren Lu

At the end of Country Day’s golf season, sophomore Samrath Pannu had the lowest score of 39 points for nine holes.

The golf team lacked the six players necessary to be counted as an official team, so only individual scores were counted. 

Junior Nihal Gulati and freshman Delsyn Beaton both improved tremendously, said golf coach Matt Vargo. 

Gulati was proud of hitting par but wants to improve his short game, and Beaton aims to refine his putting. 

All three players were really focused on improving their games, coach Matt Vargo said.

Pannu, who has been playing golf the longest, plans to improve the reliability and accuracy of his shots for the next season.

“In the first few matches, I was on and off consistency-wise, but toward the end of the season I improved drastically, and I want to keep that momentum,” Pannu said.

The golf season had a late start due to COVID-19 and because other schools were unwilling to begin their seasons.

The team had to follow safety guidelines, which included wearing masks while playing.

“I was restricted during games because I couldn’t breathe and my glasses often got foggy,” Pannu said.

“Occasionally, I would have to step away from the group to take the shot, but I’m grateful that everyone was understanding.”

The golf team practiced at Haggin Oaks, where it has practiced for years. 

Vargo aims to get more players on the team next year and have the team continue to grow and improve.

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