Junior point guard Felix Wu goes for a layup against the Pine Hills Adventist Eagles in the first-season game on Nov. 30. (Photo by Adam Akins)

Boys varsity basketball team wins opening game, maintaining lead throughout game

The Sacramento Country Day Cavaliers defeated the Pine Hills Adventist Eagles 44-26 in their opening game of the season on Nov. 30 at Country Day. The Cavs held the lead throughout the entire game.

Junior point guard Jonah David led the team with 12 points.

“We had a decent first half but the team really showed up in the second half,” David said. “Everyone linked their passes together well and capitalized on their chances.”

David was happy to start the season on a high note, especially after having lost all of their games in the previous season.

“Last year was rough,” David said. “We were very constricted with quarantine and (COVID-19) guidelines, and having a season where we struggled that much didn’t help either, but a start like this makes me really excited for what’s to come.”

Junior point guard Felix Wu scored 10 points, scoring 5/10 of his attempts. Wu felt similarly to David.

“It felt really great to win,” Wu said. “The team had great energy on the court and on the sideline; we played really well as a team and everybody got chances to prove themselves. Everyone got a chance to play, which is always great.”

Coach Mike Partington was both pleased and proud of the outcome.

“There were some great performances from a number of players,” Partington said. “If one player went quiet someone else would step up and fill that spot. Our win didn’t come from one player having a good game but from multiple players having a great game.”

Although he was proud of the win, Partington knows that there is still room for improvement.

“You don’t want to take too much out of one game,” he said. “This team was not very physical, so we are still missing experience from certain areas like that. We will only improve from experience and this was a great start.”

The Cavs’ next game is against Winters Joint Union High School at 6:30 p.m. on  Dec. 2 at Country Day.

— By Miles Morrow

— Photos by Adam Akins

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