The ski and snowboard team huddles before the Jan. 10 meet at Boreal Mountain California. (Photo courtesy of Hailey Fesai)

Skier injured, undergoes surgery following first race of the season

During the Cavs’ first ski and snowboard race of the season at Boreal Mountain California on Jan. 10, sophomore Hailey Fesai suffered a broken femur (thigh bone) and underwent surgery that night. 

“She was coming down the mountain when, I believe, her ski got caught,” said coach Jason Kreps. “It ended up hurting her pretty badly, but I’ve been in touch with her, and the recovery process is going well. She is already starting to get back on her feet.” 

Further details on the injury were not available. 

Junior Bri Davies placed ninth out of 25 girls with a combined time for two giant slalom (GS) runs of 1 minute, 10 seconds. Junior Colin Usrey placed 19th out of 31 boys in the GS with a combined time of 1:15.

“Both Bri and Colin had only one day of (practice) before the race, and they raced pretty well for their first race,” Kreps said. “The main goal for them was just getting the first race under their belt and getting a feel for it again.” 

Two new skiers joined the team: freshmen Shivom Sharma and Callister Misquitta.

“The team as a whole did as good as they could, especially for the first race of the season,” Kreps said. “It was the first-ever race for both Shivom and Callister, and their goal was to just get down the mountain and experience what a race is like, which they did. They didn’t get disqualified or anything, which is great.”

Sharma and Misquitta placed 26th and 27th, respectively, of 31 boys in the GS. They had combined times of 1:29 and 1:31, respectively.

According to Kreps, another highlight was last year’s team captain and league MVP, Luca Procida, attending the race to support the Cavs.

“Everyone on the team was really happy to see him,” Kreps said. “Luca really is a coach, and he brings in a different perspective than I do as someone who has raced and won the league, so it was really awesome having him up there helping out and giving tips.” 

The Cavs’ next race is Friday, Jan. 17, at Alpine Meadows.

—By Arjin Claire

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