Senior Aaron Graves salutes the crowd before the Cavs' Sept. 27 homecoming game under the lights. (All photos by Emma Boersma)

Two Cavs injured in soccer loss during homecoming (SLIDESHOW INCLUDED)

(Graphic by Jackson Crawford)

Two Cavs were injured in the varsity soccer team’s 4-0 loss to the Western Sierra Wolves on Sept. 27 during Country Day’s homecoming.

The Wolves scored one goal near the end of the first half and added three in the second half.

During the second half, three Wolves received a yellow card. In the same half, freshman midfielder Tonye Jack and junior defender Hayden Boersma got injured. Details were not available.

“Tonight was a little bit overwhelming,” co-coach George Champayne said. “Having the game at 8 o’clock, we sort of got ourselves into a slump. Also, the (stormy) weather was unusual. We hit the pole three times — that’s three mistakes on three (potential) goals.”

Freshman midfielder RJ Vargo said the Cavs lost focus.

“We didn’t play to the best of our ability mentally,” he said. “After the first half ended and we were losing, we started to doubt ourselves.”

The Cavaliers’ next game is Monday, Sept. 30, at 4 p.m. at Faith Christian.

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By Dylan Margolis

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